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 New Changes to the Dorm System

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PostSubject: New Changes to the Dorm System   New Changes to the Dorm System EmptyWed Jun 05, 2013 11:36 pm

Up until now, the setup has been that you post an introduction thread and a Test Request thread, then get tested by staff to see what Dorm your rank in. This is all about to change.

Now when you join, you will be placed into Slifer Red by Default. Once you have participated in enough Classwork and earned the right for a Dorm Promotion Test, then you can get out of Slifer and into Ra or Obelisk.

Any current students from Ra Yellow OR Obelisk Blue who wish to also be reset to Red may do so upon formal request to any member of Staff.

How To Earn a Promotion Test
Participation is key. Taking part in the lessons and homework the Teachers have taken time to prepare will be the easiest and fastest path to a test.
Earning OD from events, tournaments and Classwork will allow you the oppurtunity to purchase a Test. You can only take 1 Test per week and between each test, you must have remained active and continue to participate in Class.

Promotion Testing
The Promotion Test is the same as the current Testing System. One match with a Rulings Quiz at the end. Based on your results, you will advance to Ra Yellow or Obelisk Blue or you will remain in Slifer Red. (Orichalcos Green still cannot be scored into).

Obelisk Blues and Ra Yellows (and Orichalcos Green) will now be given Demotion Penalties for inactivity or ignoring Lessons. For every lesson a member misses or ignores, they will recieve 1 Strike. After three strikes, they recieve a Dorm Demotion. Activity alone is not going to keep the ranks up, you need to participate along with everyone else.

Other Advancement Opportunities
There is more than one way to defeat a god and certainly more that one method to rank up in ODA. Some tournaments and events will offer Dorm Advancement as a prize. These prizes will be scarce but keep your eyes open.

If there is any confusion, questions or concerns, please contact me or any other member of the ODA Staff and we will do our best to take care of it.

New Changes to the Dorm System Nottu111
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New Changes to the Dorm System

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