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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 The Staff

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Administrators are the highest level of staff in PDA. They run the forums, and while some/many/all are allowed to test, they do not necessarily have to test like other testers, as they are often keeping up on the forum's operations, fixing problems, and discussing decisions that effect the whole academy.  When given time, these admins will work on giving tests as well as keep up with the shops and forums. If you have issues, you can PM an Administrator, and the Administrator will take it to the rest of the staff where it will be resolved. A Moderator can apply for this position, though in most cases one would be recruited at the discretion of the other Administrators. Usually we will hold 3 Administrators.

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Moderators serve quite a few purposes. One purpose is to monitor the chat, upholding rules and resolving disputes. The second purpose is to browse the forums and keep them clean and appropriate.  The third purpose is to keep the shops taken care of, and to handle credit transactions with the arenas. They are there for support and to resolve questions. Similarly to a Councilor, while these people may indeed be testers, it will not be their primary jobs, in which case they are not REQUIRED to test an individual because they are often busy. To apply to this position, send an application to all Administrators detailing why you want the position, what you can offer, and why we should give it to you.

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Testers have one main responsibility: testing members.  A test in PDA is a match where the Tester assesses your skill and places you in a dorm accordingly.  These guys should always test you when requested (be considerate though, if they are busy with something or have tested a LOT that day, leave them be) because they have no other duties to the forum.  They are some of PDA's better duelists, and are often glad to help with decks and questions where they can.  To apply for this position, you must be an active and trusted member of PDA, and you will be tested for the tester position, which is given by a Councilor or a Senior Tester where you simulate testing a member of PDA, have the Administrator or Moderator watch you, and evaluate how well you did.

Graphic Designers

Graphic Designers are the people who make PDA's banners, icons, and anything else that looks pretty in the academy.  They are held in high regard for their artistic and creative talent, and to keep PDA's GFX style mostly the same, we will often have only a few Graphic Designers.  To apply as a Graphic Designer, send 5 samples of your best work to C.C., our current authority on GFX.

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The Staff

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