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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 Staff Changes for now

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PostSubject: Staff Changes for now   Staff Changes for now EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 12:00 am

As our members have replied in the Staff Evaluation, how each and every staff member has been active, I'll be, according to those results, be handling the Staff Positions of the members in questions.


- LastHope.

She's been put as the Head Admin's Assistent, and I've seen her active, a good while back. But, she's not done anything in the past time, and never updates duel posts, or anything of the sort. She'll be demoted to regular member.

- Gkamall.

The man disappeared into oblivion, pretty much the same way LastHope did. After sending me banners, he suddenly stopped, dropped, and never came back. He'll lose his Graphic Designer status, and also go down to regular member.

- Reaper / Jammy.

We all know, he cannot be actually demoted, but he's no longer to be considered as the Head of the Academy. Founder, sure. He made it, after all. But he does nothing, whatsoever, to support, care, or even check the Academy anymore. He has most likely lost respect of all members, and he'll be considered regular member.
[For the record, his account is the Founder Account. Therefore, Admins cannot alter anything on his account, including his presence in the Administrator Group]


- Pride the Arrogant.

He's arrogant. He'll be demoted. Wait, no, wrong section. No, Pride has shown great skill, and has proven his worth as a Moderator, and plenty of people, me included, see potential in him to get better, so. Pride will now be promoted, towards Admin.

- Ventriloquist.

Ventri was a Gfx´r, but despite his skill, he stepped down recently, and wanted to apply for Moderator. With now the loss of both Pride and LastHope as Moderators, he´ll do fine to fill the ranks. He told me he was one of the better ones at other Academies, so we´ll see how things go, with this being his promotion as such.

Nottu and Blazer Slater

Seen these two, both, have gotten massive criticism as well, but seen their real life pressing situation, I´ll leave the two of them alone. I´ll have a good talk with them afterwards about this, though, seen the members being unpleased about it, then something has to change. So I´ll leave this topic open with them, until they can return, and I am able to have a good talk about it.
Please, no one start arguing about this decision. I´ll do my best to solve it, when the both of them are online, either on Skype, here, or DN.

Now, those are our current important changes. If there are any questions, feel free to PM me or Pride about this. We consulted each other, and came to these results.

That´s all for now.


Staff Changes for now 2yy102h

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Staff Changes for now

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