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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 Return somewhat

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PostSubject: Return somewhat   Return somewhat EmptySun May 15, 2016 10:07 am

I have been busy with several things in my life lately, work, a cat, relationship yada yada. As such when nobody initially replied I again left this forum lying on the side. But now seeing several ppl already noticed the forum again and sort of returned (?) I figured I should post some things again myself. Do I wanna run this forum again? Definitely not if the entire old memberbase returns. We've tried that several times and it didn't work. I doubt it will this time. If an entirely new Academy community were to be built from scratch with some elements of the past such as a Mod or two I might be game.

Long story short. I'm willing to try starting anew, but not repeat the old story over and over. As for that I have ideas to possibly go with a revival. But those you can hear in time.

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Return somewhat

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