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 The Return to DN!

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PostSubject: The Return to DN!   The Return to DN! EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 6:29 am


It's been a while since i've played on DN for an extended period of time so I went back!...

Terrible life decision really Very Happy . LEt's see how my duels went!

We start off with Synchrons!
The Return to DN! HYUKdWj
My opponent sat there like a rock and basically destroyed everything I owned Neutral . He gave up since he wasn't drawing ANYTHING...even with those 2 upstarts in grave T.T overall uninteresting if you ask me...

SO! We move on ahead to the better parts. NEKROZ! MY SIGNATURE DECK FOREVER (Till it gets to heavily banned)!
The Return to DN! XhpBKey
First up against BA, he wasn't good Neutral . I'm telling you i've made my deck to the point where you either gotta be: Lucky (God draws, I have a terrible hand which almost never happens... or even disconnection etc.) or Skilled. Trishula blocked his special summons and that was the end of him really. With Gungnir in the back he had no choice at all but to give up...he lost the chance to spam thanks to unicore Very Happy

For this next series I entered a tournament (This has been the hardest one to date.... Havent felt this challenged since the whole XDA warzone thing) IF you don't believe it was a tournament ( :
The Return to DN! Zc2ibQz
VS Lightsworns..(The deck I hate the most in the world. Some people may hate Nekroz the most, others BA but I DESPISE Lightsworn.) Anyway...he is like one of the only people I've ever seen not play Beckoning Light so it wasn't too hard. Trishula and Unicore got him game one thanks to his bad Draw/Mills. He ended up losing G2 thanks to his dismal deck Very Happy . He Raigeki'd my Trishula so he ended up getting his Special summons back...which is why he big eyed me and took my Exciton later on Very Happy I top decked Clausolas and ended up decking him out...sad victory but needed victory Neutral .

The Return to DN! CvllA87
Qli Neutral I face a Qli deck... I would have taken her burn deck over Qli!. She ended up making everything pretty useless turn 2... Had I not used Dark hole and Summoned a locking Trishula whilst banishing her Scout I would have lost Very Happy . The Enemy Controller was played as a last Ditch effort...luckily i always keep a spare Trishula in hand Very Happy (Even though I only run 2... I figured i'd be dead if I had not used him. ALso YES I run 2...Unicore can recycle he is easily searchable and cloggy as hell in hand when I have no spells...)

The Return to DN! QnO7s1W
Last duel was between Lightsworns again... (I'm like a freaking magnet I SWEAR! ) He hadn't had too much plays going for him...first game I took away All his dragon rulers on contact. It's the 2nd game that was interesting, he had many more plays. But in the end he was locked out of special summoning and his light effects (Basically his whole deck was gone.)

Btw peeps, I'm calling it: I declare Nekroz Supremacy (Meaning i'm above average...) Here is the deal I can't seem to find a good Nekroz opponent and eveyrone has a higher count than 40 deck. Plus they run such terrible cards it's just so...sad. AND ONLY 1 TRISHULA! I wanted to rip someone's head off.... here is a duel between 2 users
The Return to DN! Xcr9XDo
Decisive armor is fine...just not now. Actually he can probably be sided... but i'm more likely to side in Valkyrus. This duel never even saw 1 Trishula Come out...Saddest thing in existence...

He asked for a rematch...SO I obliged him! The Return to DN! IqCldpI
With Shaddoll of course! Dirty move....maybe but hey! he asked. TO be fair, he used Mermails...He was new to em, but...He used Mermails. He started out bad...he went first and sent out the atlanteans to the grave... to summon the large fella in defence. It only took so long for me to dark law him. And then subsequently destroy snatch steal that was attached to him with lance. He had to leave though T.T but I had game Very Happy .

The Return to DN! Acb

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PostSubject: Re: The Return to DN!   The Return to DN! EmptySun Jan 11, 2015 9:59 pm

nekroz r aids like huru
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The Return to DN!

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