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 Sorah's Test Results

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PostSubject: Sorah's Test Results   Sorah's Test Results EmptySun Jul 06, 2014 7:18 pm

DarkSoul (Spellbooks) - Sorah (Heraldic)
Tester [2] - Testee [0]

Use of Cards 6/10:
Misplayed quite often, tried to use 101's effect to steal my dracossack while it was in defense mode is an example of this. I quite often do this so I don't blame him, although I would say he effectively used 80% of the cards at his disposal.

Duel Control: 5/10:
I won both games, as stated above, in game one the control kept shifting from one to another, however it was partially due to Sorah 'sacking'. In game two Sorah had almost no control of the field.

Ruling Knowlege 7/10:
Question 1: Correct.
Question 2: Incorrect.
Question 3: Correct.
Question 4: Correct.
Question 5: Half-correct.

Couldn't be bothered asking 10 questions in the duration of time I had, each question is worth 2 points.

Deck Build 7/10:
The deck was decent, seemed pretty consistent in my opinion. Only put it together in roughly ten minutes before the match however, Sorah originally wanted to use his Madolche, I had to refuse as they are tier one currently. There could have been a few improvements made to the deck in my opinion, tech'd 3 Kagetokage, 2 would be nicer and less cloggy.

Side Deck 3/5:
The side deck was pretty mediocre to be honest, not the best one that I have seen, it did include some stapled side deck cards such as Maxx "C" and Effect Veiler, as well as some cards from previous formats such as Imperial Iron Wall and D.D. Crow. I would recommend adding Light-Imprisoning Mirror and Mind Crush to help deal with Bujins and Lightsworns which are becoming more common and can only continue to do unless they are hit, also helps deal with some Artifact decks. Many decks nowadays search, you even seen my Spellbook deck search multiple times using Spellbook of Secrets and Spellbook of Power, Mind Crush allows you to make their searches practically useless by sending it to the graveyard.

Siding Skills 4/5:
My opponent, Sorah used the following paragraph to state his sides; "Sided Fiendish for limited Force x1, Sided Veiler for safe zone, sided iron wall, removed reborn, sided two trap stun for one safe zone, and one kage' and thats about it."

Iron Imperial wall is a great side in against my deck as my High Priestess of Prophecy often destroyed his cards via banishing my used spellbook spell cards from the graveyard. Iron Imperial Wall also counteracted my sided Macro, and D-fissure. Sided out a single Kagetokage for a Trap Stun, this helped reduce clogginess and gave him the chance to be able to deal with my barrage of traps.

Total points: 32/50

Slifer Red = 0-25
Ra Yellow = 26 - 40
Obelisk Blue = 41 - 50

Congratulations and welcome to Ra Yellow!

EDIT: SORAH IS TO REMAIN IN SLIFER! He simply took this test to see where he stands which basically just feels like a waste of time to me.. He requests to stay in Slifer because he prefers it over Ra Yellow.

Sorah's Test Results D1cHY1V

Sorah's Test Results Darkso10

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Sorah's Test Results

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