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 Flower Power

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PostSubject: Flower Power   Flower Power EmptyWed May 21, 2014 6:35 pm

Flower Power TUqzxai

So irl my brother, who hardly even plays yugioh anymore, tells me i should try and build this deck. I recently got him back into the game, and hes been collecting lightly, and playing the shit out of DN and Devpro.

So he's like "Bro. Flowers are OP as fuck." I myself used to use synchro plants... a lil bit. I was never cccrraaaazzy about them. But they where good. So after trying to build around these cards, the princesses. Which is what my brother stressed be the key point of the deck. Rather than trying to synchro summon. I eventually came up with this. I have one other more XYZ oriented build. And I've changed both of them a dozen times trying to get it right. Anyway, this build seems to be the most constant. The more strict XYZ version is more of a do or die sack deck.

So, was just curious if anyone else has messed around with these plants. Soul Charge is stupid. Like honestly. Let me know what you think of my build and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD IGNORE THE SIDE DECK! That will be fixed once i have the main the way i want it. I already know what i want to side and I don't need people telling me it sucks cuz currently i HAVE no side. Those are just cards I've taken in and out the most frequently.

Thanks ^.^ leave comments meng.

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Flower Power

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