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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 Flower Lizards GFX shop!

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Rose la Kill


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Flower Lizards GFX shop! Empty
PostSubject: Flower Lizards GFX shop!   Flower Lizards GFX shop! EmptyWed Oct 09, 2013 11:42 pm

Albino Flower Lizard!

Allo' everyone, and thank you all for taking a stop at my Graphics shop. I'm Rose, that flower-lizard-thingie erryone loves. I've been doing Gfx for about a year now and hope to start a successful shop here at ODA.

What I can do:

Signatures / Banners : 100 Dp.
Signature + Avatar set : 150 Dp. (Avatar is usually either the signature cropped to fit in the avatar slot, or an edited render that, again, fits in the avatar slot.)

For requesting, please tell me the following :

*Render/Desired Character:
*Signature or sig/avi set :
Text :
Theme :
Color :
Size :

* = Mandatory

If you have a special request, or any questions whatsoever, please PM them to me : I will adress them immediately.


Happy Shopping!

Samples :

Flower Lizards GFX shop! SCWtyTP

[19:12:34] White Rose Dragon : [19:11:50] @ Lexi : I love you sasu
[19:12:51] White Rose Dragon : [19:12:41] @ Sasukat : i love you too <3

[22:38:33] White Rose Dragon : Misa and jas r so perfect together

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Flower Lizards GFX shop!

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