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 Dueling Network updates 2014

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PostSubject: Dueling Network updates 2014   Dueling Network updates 2014 EmptySat Jan 04, 2014 6:11 pm

for all those too lazy to check on updates

and for all those to lazy to click that link

1. Changes to First Turn Procedure:
As the Main Phase 2 cannot be entered unless one first enters the Battle Phase, the ability for players to enter the Main Phase 2 on the first turn has been removed.

2. To S/T (From Deck):
Something requested numerous times is the ability to move cards from the Deck face-up into the Spell or Trap Card Zone. Players now have this feature available with a new hover menu option while viewing the Deck called "To S/T". The feature functions just like the option in the Graveyard and will place the selected card from the Deck face-up in the Spell/Trap Zone.

3. Changes to Inactivity:

Many requests have been made by players that often time out of Dueling Network while watching games to be exempt from the time out. This is now a reality. While watching Duels you will no longer be kicked by the server for being inactive, and it also will mean you do not have to do anything to keep yourself "active" in the servers eyes. However, once the Duel you are watching is over, the 20 minute timeout will reapply.

4. Additional Chat Commands:
Previous to this update, the commands /add X and /sub X (X is to be replaced with appropriate value) were available to use in the chat box in order to manipulate your Life Points. Although this function is no different to the Life Point text box it is sometimes preferred by members who already have their mouse ready in the chat box after typing to their opponent.

Dueling Network is now also using the commands /millX and /banishX (X is to be replaced with an appropriate value from 1 to 9) which will send cards from the top of your Deck to the Graveyard, or banish them. Although again no different to the regular hover menu buttons, these commands can speed up the process of sending or banishing multiple cards at once.

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PostSubject: Re: Dueling Network updates 2014   Dueling Network updates 2014 EmptySat Jan 04, 2014 6:19 pm

All the commands really speed up dueling. Well done DN.

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Dueling Network updates 2014

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