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 Woah, Did He Learn Something!?

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PostSubject: Woah, Did He Learn Something!?   Woah, Did He Learn Something!? EmptyFri Jul 05, 2013 9:43 pm

... Nah. DaMadDawg is still DaMadDawg, and just as up to his old pranks as usual!

Well, that's an unfair assessment. His intelligence has improved in one regard... His pranks seem to have ranked up with the Dorm! Rather than gaining professionalism and removing the door pranks, they became more intricate and frustrating to the resident's visitors. First, attached to the door, there was what there always had been. The door was painted over (probably illegally) in a sheen of clean white, and covered from top to bottom in a lot of the same things it had been while the resident was in Slifer: badly scrawled love letters with badly forged signatures that the resident would have you believe were from the girls of the academy, a few random photos of Yu-Gi-Oh monster holograms, and pictures of the academy staff, particularly Nottu and White Rose Dragun, either caught in the awkward positions in their private life, or photoshopped to make the scene look like something awkward (it's up to you to figure out how he got the pictures of Blazer and White Rose mid-changing; the pictures seem torn, as if somebody's tried to tear them off several times...).

This time, though, next to the door is a puzzle that seems quite basic but actually has two correct "solved" answers, one of which is much harder to find (it hardly matters what the puzzle is, as this is simply an entertainment point). When the easy solution to the puzzle is reached, rather than the hidden hard one, the door is automatically flung open and a mechanical boot emerges from the ceiling to punt the intruder into the room, directly into the next prank, a fairly old tripwire attempt that results in a barrage of pencils being flung at the intruder; however, this time, the pencils' trajectory is designed that if the pencils are dodged, they will trip more wires, these ones causing full bowls of cold miso ramen (with broth) to dump onto the heads of people standing in the immediate entrance to the room.

For those brave enough to venture further after this onslaught, they will find no more pranks aside from the possible troll of stepping on something painful, like a lego or something, because the floor is covered in trash, old clothes, and for some reason, a few dozen torn-in-half Magic: The Gathering cards.

The messy scene is repeated in the kitchen, except now the dishes are stacked semi-neatly and already clean in the sink; they simply never get put away or go through a proper dishwasher cycle, but the dishes and floor get cleaned regularly in the kitchen now.

The bathroom, as usual, is missing a wall on one side... That may not be just a coincidence. Visiting females, be wary of using the restrooms in this room.

Now the resident has a real, good-quality bed, but otherwise, the corner of the room looks the same as it did when the resident was in Slifer Red. The large desk-shelf is impeccably organized and clean, with several cases of cards, several academic and fun books lined in alphabetical order, and one section, still covered by the reinforced glass pane, metal bars, chain, and padlock. Inside this small fortress of the shelf is contained a dusty, black book with a crumpled appearance.

The resident, sitting in his usual swivel chair, looks up and smiles, his hazel eyes gleaning as his red-and-blond semi-spiky hair hung over his face. His Ra Yellow uniform is unbuttoned at the front and very crumpled, yet looks, quite oddly, extremely clean at the same time. Pushing his hair out of the way, he grins at you, setting down whatever book he was just reading or Deck he was working on (likely both at the same time). "I've been hoping for a visitor. It gets boring, being alone and all. Now that I'm chilling in Ra, wassup?"
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Woah, Did He Learn Something!?

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