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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 The Fateful Encounter

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Taisakuno Shouri


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PostSubject: The Fateful Encounter   The Fateful Encounter EmptyThu Mar 28, 2013 4:54 pm

So I was looking through the page and realized I never made an introduction. Things about me lets see. Right now I play a lot more competitively, because it started to become a lot interesting to me a few months ago. When I was a kid I got my 1st booster pack, and I remember getting "The legendary Ocean, Robolady, Roboyaru, Giant Bot, Axe Wolf", and my 1st deck was pegasus. I quit after my friend quit sorta, and I had no one to play with. I starting playing it again when I found DN in 2012 during January or February. At that time I thought I was "original" with plant Synchros, but soon to figure out that it wasn't and it was dominating during September 2012 format. My 1st dn duel, I played a card during my opponents turn, and I was called an "idiot" and he raged-quit. I realized that it was all manual like in real life cool. As most people are getting into yu-gi-oh I hated the meta and refused to use cards like "Tour guide of the underworld" "Chaos Dragons" "Dino-Rabbits", anything meta related. Then Later joining a team after summer vacation I stopped hating meta, and realized that meta was necessary and was introduced to my 1st war duel to a "pro" in a team named Team Improvise/Gemini, and won. Kristya was too much for Wind-ups to handle. He had no backrow to get through to me. That was when I realized that "Agents were the 1st deck I legit fell in love with." (This was after numerous of trials of a mental state of depression for losing so much with whatever deck I used "Mainly at the time using machina builds and such". Learning what a "playtyle" is, and that Card advantage is what you wanna go for in a duel, but theres a lot to card advantage than what is shown in a guide. Then I focused on being a conservative player, didnt work out, and then I finally figured out Naturally by best playstyle is Passive Aggressiveness : Meaning I keep pushing for game until literally my opponent has no more moves, plays, or cards, or 1 big push that kills them and I take the game with an extension.) From that growth I decided that once I got to a certain level of skill nothing is really much fun unless I face competitive people, people better than me, and those having an ambition to get better in this game such as me. And I took on the viewpoint of being best with a certain deck in the meta and that most of the "pros" and people who play competively agree that meta takes more skill to play at BEST, because it has the ability to do so much that no one knows of yet. (Thats why wind-ups were considered the deck that took the most skill to use best). The Meta always changes at that, thats why you always gotta change your meta deck as well. Don't get me wrong, if you have a deck you believe in, and no one uses it. Then its not wrong to try and make it powerful and go for topping regionals with it, (Like the Karakuri that topped during the end of last format or beggining this format). Other than that, I treat everyone with respect on 1st sight, unless they don't do the same. I am a person who tries helping others a lot in the game of ygo, and don't be afraid to ask for a favor. Its hard for me to say no if you need help with ygo. Well thats my long intro, and Its nice to be hear at ODA.

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The Fateful Encounter

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