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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 A New Dawn

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PostSubject: A New Dawn   A New Dawn EmptySat Dec 12, 2015 2:03 am

Finally she'd arrived at the front gates of the Academy grounds. Through the metal she could she the outlines of the castle-like building that once housed her and many others. With the old key she'd kept with her she opened the rusty gates, having to yank a few times before they opened, then grabbed her bag and started to walk towards the front doors. Twilight had already arrived and bats were flying around hunting their prey while the young girl walked the path, surrounded by high grass, wilderness and memories of old. Once arrived at the front doors, she looked up at the massive oaken gatedoors, still as impressive as ever and hardly affected by the neglection.

With the same key, she opened the doors and had to bash her shoulder against the oak a couple times to get it to open, considering how heavy they were. Once opened, she stepped inside, the sound of her heels on the stone echoing throughout the entrance hall. Large, as in a palace, and several pillars, the entrance hall had always been a pride to the Academy. Ending with 2 stairs curving sideways to the next floor, and a minor balcony in between, the entrance hall was mostly marble. She couldn't help but smile a bit at the sight, regardless of the neglect being visible. With a loud thud, her bag dropped to the ground as she inhaled the musty air. A minute or so, she remained there and recollected memories from old times, when it was a hub for many students doing their work. She picked her bag up again, dusted it off a bit and moved further, after closing the door, screeching loudly as the oak scratched over the floor. First off all, she went to the basement where the power generators were. Flipping the switches, the old generator came back to life with deafening sound. Once everything checked out, she closed off the basement and went back to the silent halls and corridors, where she then turned on the lights and made her way to her old office.

The same nameplate still hung at the door, though askew. The door broke off as she attempted to open it and fell to the ground, pulling the girl with her. A scream of surprise went through the empty halls as she crashed on the door, before slowly getting back to her feet. Wounded her hand, but nothing serious. Cursing the neglect and poor materials, she put her bag on the dust covered bed and opened it. First to come out was a brand new dueldisc, custom model. Next followed a deckcase, clothes, and the other basic needs. With a swift move she tugged some of her hair behind her ear, looking at the window, recalling her last time in this room. Vague memories or argument. Lost in thought, she stood there for several minutes, to finally get back in in the present and dust off the bed and prep it for usage. She changed into her nightgown, walked to the window and looked at the pitchblack nightsky. “Well. I'm home.”

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A New Dawn

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