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 Current Meta Decks.

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Current Meta Decks. Empty
PostSubject: Current Meta Decks.   Current Meta Decks. EmptyThu Jan 16, 2014 8:06 am

So I figured if I'm going to get back into the game , I should do it right. so I've been doing some research on the current meta. Unfortunately all Google gives me are Pojo topics that spiral into name calling oblivion, and YouTube videos narrated so poorly I almost started playing tic-tac-toe with myself to keep myself awake (Okay so maybe they all weren't THAT bad, but you get my point). And don't get me started on yahoo answers (Legitimately though, who actually still uses yahoo to ask questions???). Then I realized that I would probably get better answers from the pros here at ODA. So if someone could please save me from going through another pojo post on how tele-dad is making a comeback (lol seriously, still? they where saying it back when I played is there a fan club I don't know of?). Anyways I would appreciate some help on this.
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Current Meta Decks.

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