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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 Scapeys Ra Dorm

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PostSubject: Scapeys Ra Dorm   Scapeys Ra Dorm EmptyMon Aug 12, 2013 11:27 am

He honestly couldn't believe it he had made it to Ra, not that he hadnt expeceted to at somepoint but still this soon.  Scapey mused on these things while unpacking his megar belongings from his  Slifer room, the Ra dorms were a great deal nicer than the Slifer dorm, no damp, no rats and they all stood up properly.  After Scapey finished his unpacking he looked around his room and flopped on the sofa, his deck already spread out across the table if he was to advance again in the dorms he would need to improve his deck, he'd been thinking it needed something for a while now but question was what.  He picked up his signature Scapegoat card and wondered how to fit it in he honestly didnt know.  

From somewhere across the room the electric kettle clicked marking that it had finished boiling water 
"Great Tea" Scapey said jumping from his seated position his thick glasses almost falling form his face he crossed the room to the kettle and quickly poured water on the tea bag and milk already sitting in one of his new mugs drinking deeply he continued to wonder about his deck and wether in this dorm he may be able to get over his crippling shyness which did make dueling a pain.
"Ah well" he sighed "Time to go back to work" and with that set about editing his Box of Friends deck
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Scapeys Ra Dorm

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