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 The Fabled Guide

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PostSubject: The Fabled Guide   The Fabled Guide EmptyWed May 29, 2013 8:31 pm

The Fabled Guide Fabled_unicorn_by_chaoscorps-d35wvjj
Fabled Archetype
How to play them

Next to Dark World, the only Archetype that relies on discarding for their effects. Unlike Dark World, Fabled does not have Spell/Trap Support. It therefore works incredibly well with Synchro Support.
The thing with Fabled is, is that it’s not one full archetype, but rather two. The catch is in the name. “Fabled” and “The Fabled”, that’s where they are different. Even because of this small difference exists, their effects still state “Fabled”, and affect all “Fabled” Monsters.

The basic system Fabled uses:
Fabled, like Dark World, is dependent on being discarded to the Graveyard. Better side on Fabled is, that their only requirement is to be discarded. And where Dark World has it’s Spell/Trap Support, Fabled does it by itself. Instead of Spells or Traps, Fableds use Monsters that discard them. One of the most known example, is “Fabled Raven”. It uses Monster Effects to discard other Fableds, they are then triggered, and you gain their Effects, and you continue from there.

Discarding “Fabled” Monsters:
The main amount of Monsters that discard in “Fabled”, are usually a standard line-up of monsters. These are “Fabled Kushano”, “Fabled Raven”, “The Fabled Chawa” and “The Fabled Nozoochee”. They all have their own effects that support the deck.

“Fabled Kushano”
The Fabled Guide Kushan10

You can discard 1 "Fabled" monster to the Graveyard except "Fabled Kushano" to add this card from your Graveyard to your hand.

You want this card in your Graveyard as soon as possible, since then you can use it easily, and get the discards you require.

“Fabled Raven”
The Fabled Guide Raven10

Once per turn: You can discard any number of cards, and if you do, this card gains 1 Level and 400 ATK for each discarded card, until the End Phase.

This card is good, due to the fact it can increase its own level by discarding cards, and it also triggers the cards it discards. Often used in Dark World Builds, this is one of the good discard engines Fabled uses.

“The Fabled Chawa”
The Fabled Guide Chawa10

During your Main Phase, you can discard 1 "Fabled" monster and Special Summon this card from your hand.

A good card for discarding, not as good as Nozoochee, but still, a good card to be running, due to it’s free Special Summon, and the triggering the effect of the discarded Monster.

“The Fabled Nozoochee”
The Fabled Guide Nozooc10

During your Main Phase, you can discard 1 "Fabled" monster and Special Summon this card from your hand. When this card is Special Summoned this way, you can Special Summon 1 Level 2 or lower "Fabled" monster from your hand.

THE card that discards. Not only does it discard a “Fabled” Monster, it also Special Summons itself, and another “Fabled” Monster of Level 2 or lower. Basically one of the better Fableds.

Discarded “Fabled” Monsters:
Now, not only does this deck discard, it also activates effects WHEN discarded. The good thing about this, is that it’s all Mandatory. The effect must activate, you have no choice. Which also makes them immune to “Missing Timing”. There are several again, which are often used, and almost a must in any Fabled Deck. These are “Fabled Krus” “The Fabled Cerburrel”, and “The Fabled Ganashia”.

“Fabled Krus”

The Fabled Guide Krus10

When this card is discarded to the Graveyard, select 1 Level 4 or lower "Fabled" monster in your Graveyard, except this card, and Special Summon it.

A very good card, since it Summons any Level 4 or lower “Fabled” Monster from your Graveyard, whenever she is discarded. Very handy, and easy Synchro Material for the Level 5 “Fabled Ragin”.

“The Fabled Cerburrel”
The Fabled Guide Cerbur10

When this card is discarded to the Graveyard, Special Summon it.

Simply good, it Special Summons itself from the Graveyard and is a Level 2 Tuner.

“The Fabled Ganashia”
The Fabled Guide Ganash10

When this card is discarded to the Graveyard, Special Summon it. If this card is Special Summoned this way, it gains 200 ATK and is removed from play when it is removed from the field.

A good one, makes easy Level 5 Synchros. Shame it banishes itself when removed from the field, but easily overcome, when you simply discard it for Kushano, then Normal Summon Kushano, and Overlay for Rank 3. Then it will just go to the Graveyard.

As can be seen in the above mentioned paragraphs, the deck is based on discarding and being discarded. It also has a “Search” engine, in the form of “Fabled Grimro”.

“Fabled Grimro”
The Fabled Guide Grimro10

If you control a face-up "Fabled" monster: You can send this card from your hand to the Graveyard; add 1 "Fabled" monster from your Deck to your hand, except "Fabled Grimro".

Needs a “Fabled” Monster on the field for her Effect, but it’s still very good for adding a Monster you need. Very nice in first hands.

So, the deck has it’s main focus on Monster effects, and all of them being Light Attribute, it’s easy to Side against them. The point however is, is that the deck is not expected to be played, therefore, people don’t side for it.

This is a basic explanation on how it works. You need to Special Summon, spam the field, with the Low Level Fabled Monsters, and then Synchro further for the higher Level Synchro Monsters. The main Synchros used in the deck, are "Fabled Leviathan", "Fabled Ragin" and "The Fabled Unicore"

"Fabled Leviathan"
The Fabled Guide Leviat10

1 "Fabled" Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters When this card on the field is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can select up to 3 "Fabled" monsters in your Graveyard. Add them to your hand.

The Level 10 "Fabled", which isn't only their strongest Monster, but also gives you back the material to go off on your plays again when it's destroyed. Only requires 1 non-tuner, so simply steal your opponents Level 8 Synchros, like Stardust Dragon or Scrap Dragon, and then use "The Fabled Cerburrel" to Synchro for "Fabled Leviathan".

"Fabled Ragin"
The Fabled Guide Ragin10

1 "Fabled" Tuner Monster + 1 or more non-Tuner Monsters When this card is Synchro Summoned, if you have 1 or less cards in your hand, you can draw until you have 2 cards in your hand.

The draw Engine of "Fabled". It's easily made with the mass on low Level Monsters they run, and is you can Synchro further with it, for Valkyrus or other Level 8 Monsters.

"The Fabled Unicore"
The Fabled Guide Unicor10
[code]1 "Fabled" Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters
While you and your opponent have the same number of cards in hand, negate all Spell, Trap and Effect Monster effects activated by your opponent, and destroy that Spell/Trap/Monster.

One of "Fabled"'s best Synchro's, often refered to as "Uniwhore", it's able to negate virtually everything. As long as you and your opponent have the same amount of cards in hand, it will negate anything your opponent can throw at you. Its Effect being continuous, also allows it to be able to negate Counter Traps, which no other Monster can do. Also, Unicore is the only Monster and card able to negate "Super Polymerization". With his effect being continuous, it's not chaining on the card, instead, it negates the Effect when it resolves.

All in all, "Fabled" have a lot of good cards, and Support each other quite well, but the problem is, that they are inconsistant. It needs the right hands, and after the plays are done, it has nothing to do. It can't keep control, doesn't topdeck well, and is easily stopped by cards such as "Torrential Tribute" or "Chain Disappearance". The moment "Fabled Ragin" is Veilered, also is sour for the deck, since it mins a lot in order to Summon Ragin, and then loses it's ability to plus it back again.
Basically put, the deck is nice, and can make very sudden plays that can be considered broken, yet in general, it's inconsistant, and nowhere near as good as Dark World.

As previously noted, the deck revolves around Discarding. You can to this in several ways.

    Using Dark World Support cards, such as "Dark World Dealings" or "The Gates of Dark World". Also Card Destruction can be used for this.

    Use their own effects, meaning to add the monsters that discard you "Fabled" cards all the time, such as "The Fabled Chawa" or "The Fabled Nozoochee".

    Using non-specific cards, such as "Phoenix Wing Wind Blast" or "Raigeki Break", which also discard. (Note: it can easily be a cost, since Fabled doesn't miss timing)

After having decided which to run, you can have your deck built around those specific cards. The dark World support is usually used for any deck, since it can speed up your process and help you to get the things you need. Almost every Build uses their own cards to discard, since it simply is the best way that it works. It is in your own turn, and gives you the things you need for higher Synchro Monsters. The Traps are often used in Unicore Control. While your opponent desperately tries to keep the amount of handcards different from your amount, you can even up yours again by discarding for such cards. This works well, since Unicore's effect is Continuous, and it negates on the resolve of the card. Which makes it the only Monster able of negating Counter Trap Cards.
So, on to the plays to make. It usually really depends on how your hand looks. I'm going to explain now with some screen shots how the usual plays are made.
So, we start of, this is our hand:

The Fabled Guide PAQT2

Doesn't look all to bad. We can work with this. There are some ways to play this out. You can go for the passive play, and just Set stuff.

The Fabled Guide YyQSl

We'll be doing the faster approach. We Summon Chawa, and discard Grimro for her own effect. To now search a monster from the Deck.

The Fabled Guide DLoJI

Ok, so, we have several choices to make now. we can go for Cerburrel, and then discard Cerburrel, in order to Summon Nozoochee. Then Cerburrel would return, and we can make Unicore or Kudabbi. Or, we can add Krus, then discard Krus to Summon Nozoochee. Krus would then activate, and Summon Grimro (only target). Then we could Set MST, Book of Moon and Synchro for Ragin, and hope for a good card. I'm going for the rather more control, so I'll be making Unicore.

The Fabled Guide TGXr9

Now, nothing more can be done, so it's just waiting for the next turn. I'll Set Book of Moon, end End Turn.

The Fabled Guide 9YKF1

Unlucky, my opponent uses Super Polymerization, which I can't negate, because she has too many cards in her hand. So, I'll have to let it go.

The Fabled Guide 7J3FL

She attacks my Chawa, but I'm not going to let her just do that. I want to keep my Chawa until the next turn, so I'll be able to use ot with Sangan for a Synchro. Hence, I have to use Book of Moon on The Shining.

The Fabled Guide VpNQx

Well, my turn again. Topdecked a Cerburrel. Not something I'd want to have, but it's better then nothing. So, I have to make a lot of plays now to make it worth the trouble. First off, I'll Synchro into Kudabbi, for Sangans Effect.

The Fabled Guide LPTlM

Well, since I don't have much to do with most, I'm going for Chawa. It'll allow me to Special both cards in the end, and I'll be able to Synchro further into Ragin. So, I'll add Chawa with sangan, and make the play. Hoping she won't stop it...

The Fabled Guide QMdsb

So, I used my Mystical Space Typhoon on her Face-down card. It turned out to be a safe Zone. Chaining it on Kudabbi wouldn't have made a difference, since as long as I have no cards in my hand, he cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects. After that, I made the play further, and Synchro for Ragin, drawing 2 cards, since I'm handless.

The Fabled Guide O24WS

well, draw Enemy Controller and Dark Hole. Not what I had been hoping for, but I can live with this. I know The Shining has 2100 DEF, and Ragin has 2300 ATK, so I'm simply going to attack, I'll Set Enemy Controller and End Turn.

The Fabled Guide EJOma

After she Set 2 cards and Xyz Summoned Maestroke the Symphony Djinn, it's my turn again. I drew into a Torrential Tribute, which I don't need now. Well, I can make Black Rose Dragon, and destroy the field, but Maestroke would survive that. I can also steal Maestroke, and attack with Ragin for damage, but that's a waste of Enemy Controller. So, I'll just sit this one out.

The Fabled Guide QdZSN

In her turn, she use her face-down Destiny Draw, and discarded Destiny HERO Diamond Dude. She then Summoned Elemental HERO Neos Alius, and attacked my Cerburrel. After he got destroyed, she uses Super Polymerization, to take my Ragin for a Shining. This isn't my day.

The Fabled Guide P82aD

Well, drew creature Swap, I totally didn't want that one. I don't see much potential now for any good plays, so I'll just stick to using Dark Hole and Setting Torrential Tribute.

The Fabled Guide 2uh9C

She used Reinforcements of the Army, added Neos Alius, and summoned it. I had to use Torrential Tribute, and it destroyed her Alius and almost got rid of Maestroke. She ended her turn, I draw, and it's a Foolish Burial! how very not useful in this situation. But, I'll simply use it for deck thinning. So, I'll send Kushano to my Graveyard, and leave it at that.

The Fabled Guide 8uDjW

She topdecked another Alius. Summons it, and attacks, end turn. I draw, topdeck Krus. This is getting better now. I'll have to play this out the right way. So, here goes. Use Kushanos Effect, discarding Krus, I can add him to my hand. Then, use Krus' Effect, get Nozoochee on the field again. Normal Kushano, Set Swap, and Synchro for ragin. Hoping to draw something good. And what do I get? Trivky and Mirror Force! Good, now, discard Mirror Force for Tricky, and overlay into Tiras. That way, I'll get rid of both her cards.

The Fabled Guide 3kmRM

So, I attack, and she loses both Monsters. Her turn, uses the topdecked E- Call, addds an Ocean, and Sets it. Now, my turn, topdeck ... Pot of Avarice! Really nice! Now, I certainly have enough targets in Graveyard, so let's use it.

The Fabled Guide TAE4n

Going for the Synchro targets and a Krus, since that will increase my chances of drawing what I need a lot more. And Kushano I want to keep in my Graveyard.

The Fabled Guide TID8n

Draw into a double Krus! This is going the right way. So, Discard Krus, add Kushano. Krus effect, special Nozoochee, Normal Kushano, and Synchro for Ragin. Draw into a Chalice, well, I'll keep that for later. Discard the other Krus to add Kushano again, use Krus to get Grimro back, and just go for damage.

The Fabled Guide LhgjB

Her turn, she draws, Sets 1, and Ends turn. My turn, I draw a Call of the Haunted. Well, I'll just attack and see what happens. Well, it hits, and makes game.

The Fabled Guide Mm1AW

That's how you run a Fabled deck, with several of the plays in it, and against a Diamond Gate Build. Thanks to Sylvvy for helping me on this, and hope it helped you.

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The Fabled Guide
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