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 Chapter 1 of Kairi's book (writing is an art)

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Chapter 1 of Kairi's book (writing is an art) Empty
PostSubject: Chapter 1 of Kairi's book (writing is an art)   Chapter 1 of Kairi's book (writing is an art) EmptySat May 25, 2013 4:48 pm

Dark minds cannot be hindered
but continue their respective courses at their own respective speeds,
working methodically, like clockwork soldiers, to accomplish their goals

thought Selene. This truth had been evident throughout her entire life,
whether it was a teacher extorting money from his students or a CEO
threatening his unwitting employees in order to solicit sex from them,
humans, base minds, would always selfishly rush to accomplish their
goals. Humans would use even the most despicable methods to do what they
strived to do at the highest speed possible. They would not bat an
eyelash at another writhing on the ground in pain. Selene, an orphan
from birth had never experienced a loving relationship. At the
orphanage, she had been the odd one, the creepy girl. Due to her
extremely pale complexion, dark brown eyes, and long, pitch black hair
and her affinity to darkness, Selene always scared away those willing to
be her friends. During her youth in Elani, she had been singled out for
being one of the rare people who had black hair and a pale complexion.
In Elani, the land of the sun, Selene had been forced to grow up
quickly. In a harsh environment, when there was no one to guide or aid
her, Selene had quickly matured into an adult. Once she turned eighteen
years of age, a fully grown adult, Selene had resolved to leave her home
town. Now, Selene had arrived in the war torn country, Orfeo.


With every speck of darkness, the stars in the night sky shine all the
brighter in comparison. In a sea of darkness, light is all the more
This quote, stated by the Prime Minister of Orfeo, lingered
in Dysis’s Kearns mind and became his own mantra. Dysis was a talent
searcher in Orfeo, he had listened to this quote when he had first
arrived in Orpheo’s capital, Hypnos, four years ago. Although he had
heard it when he was merely fourteen years old, a mere babe in society,
Dysis had been instantly won over. He had made it his goal to find the
stars in the night sky.

No one around here seems to be of any worth, they are all common criminals or lay people.
None of them will be of any use to the Organization. Dysis, a pampered
child since birth, had met many talented, famous intellectuals when
following his parents around as their personal labor force and had grown
very skilled in finding those who had talents that would be useful to
him. Simply by noting the ways that their bodies were built, the ways
that they talked, the way they acted, and the ways they dressed, Dysis
was able to judge where their talents lied and whether the organization
would need them.

Out of the corner of his eye, Dysis saw
three relatively young men seemingly assaulting a girl about his age.
Normally, he would have simply left and pretended that nothing happened;
however, today he was angry that he had been unable to find even a
single noteworthy talent. In order to relieve himself of the rage which
plagued him, he decided to interfere in the affair. Taking long, large,
loud strides, Dysis walked toward the three men. Once he had arrived
directly behind them, he tapped the largest one on the shoulder. When
the man turned around, Dysis, who hadn’t even seen his face yet, punched
him in the gut, causing him to fall over. Immediately, the other two
launched themselves at Dysis. “These weaklings truly think they can pose a threat to me?”, thought Dysis, “What a joke.
The short man had lunged at Dysis’s legs while the taller one with long
arms was attempting to immobilize his arms. Dysis threw a quick jab at
the the tall, brown haired man whose tattoos were showing because his
shirt was too short. Immediately afterwards, he jumped over the other
man, the short, relatively fit one with black hair and green eyes. Dysis
was ready to fight, but the black-hair seemed unwilling to do so. He
ran away quickly, evidently hoping to escape Dysis, the man had deemed
himself too weak to defeat Dysis.

As Dysis was turning around
to talk to her, the girl who he had just saved said, “He-hello, what’s
your name? Mine is Selene Hiroshi.” The way she spoke, the way she
dressed, the way she was acting after having been assaulted, this girl
was definitely a talent. He decided that he wouldn’t mind at least
giving this young, dark haired girl a chance. Her brown eyes and thin
figure were quite attractive and she seemed to be a talent. Even if she
ended up a failure, he liked the idea of keeping her around.

Selene was shocked when a random boy saved her from a gang who probably planned to rape her.
What motive could this kid, a young (about Selene’s age) caucasian with
black hair, blue eyes, a thin body figure, and a complexion so pale it
made him look sickly have to save her? Did he want money? Sex? Fame?
Glory? What would he want from Selene in order to compensate for his
saving her? Having seen his prowess in battle, she knew that if he
wanted something, she would have no choice but to submit.

“He-hello, what’s your name?”, Selene stuttered, hoping to get a bit of
sympathy, “mine is Selene Hiroshi, I am an orphan from Elani, a city in
the heart of the Alaula, the country of light.”

“Hi, my name
is Dysis Kearn, most people call me Dy. I’m from O7, the Organization
Seven.”, hollered the boy with a voice so loud that Selene actually
thought that the thugs from earlier might hear him, awaken from their
seeming slumber,

In order to stop her fears from entering
reality, Selene quickly slid close to the boy who had just saved her
life and whispered, “Be quiet, there are too many dangerous looking
people around here. What is O7? What do they do? Why do they have such a
stupid acronym?”

Dysis seemed shocked that Selene did not
know what O7 was. He whispered back, with a voice somewhat hoarse from
his prior shouting, “Organization Seven is the project to defend against
the attack of the light. H-how could you not know that? Oh, I know,
you’re a new arrival aren’t you. I heard we got a new girl from the
other side, I didn’t think I would be able to find you so quickly.”

The other side? Who was this “Dysis Kearn” and why did he seem so crazy? What did he mean by a new arrival?

“I bet you’re thinking, ‘What could this incredibly gorgeous boy
mean by all of this?’. I’ll put your curiosity to rest, but in exchange I
want you too follow me,” Kearn said, with a grin on his face as he said
it, Kearn truly seemed like the devil incarnate. He pause for a few
seconds and then continued, “It is hypothesized that there are two parts
to one mind, the moral and the intellectual, this of course is basic
knowledge. Elani, the country of light, has the goal of achieving moral
perfection. Orfeo on the other hand, is devoted completely to the
intellectual aspect of human nature. Because of the direct opposition in
ideologies, the two empires, both of which have enough power to conquer
the world, have split the world in two. When one turns eighteen, one is
allowed to decide which side one would like to reside in.”

“Of course I know all of this, it is common knowledge. I am not idiot!”, Selene interjected.

but I have yet to finish explaining out purpose. We are a group with
the goal to suppress the evil in human nature. If we are to accomplish
this task, the two nations would have very little difference in
philosophy. Science would become completely moral because the baseness
of human beings would be eliminated. Once science and morals were the
same, the two countries could merge and the world would become a

To suppress a part of human nature? Is such a
feat actually possible? Is it possible to suppress a fiend so
self-absorbed that it will do anything to further itself? Also, what is
this, “two parts of humans” thing? Humans have no moral aspect to
themselves. Many argued otherwise, in fact her entire home country
thought otherwise. However, Selene adamantly believed that they have
only an evil side.

“If people are trying to suppress parts
of human nature, that must mean that there are certain people trying to
suppress certain parts,” conjectured Selene, “Humans are not so passive
that they would simply give up a part of themselves which they have
grown accustomed to without arguing over which part to give up.”

in lies the greatest problem,” Dysis stated grimly. He continued, after
having gone back to his idiotic cheeriness, “Well, no point in staying
here with unconscious bodies ruining the mood, follow me.”
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Chapter 1 of Kairi's book (writing is an art)

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