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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 Could be fun... *Smirk*

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Could be fun... *Smirk* Empty
PostSubject: Could be fun... *Smirk*   Could be fun... *Smirk* EmptySun May 19, 2013 4:30 am

Hello, all! DeathGodKyo here, HellKaiserKyo on DN. I'm an avid RPer and fanfiction writer, and obviously Duelist, considering I'm here XD. I'm way behind on the times when it comes to Dueling strategies, but I'm picking it up pretty quickly, so I'll eventually get out of Slifer Red XD So yeah. Nice to meet you all, and happy Dueling!
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Could be fun... *Smirk* Left_bar_bleue100/100Could be fun... *Smirk* Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)
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Could be fun... *Smirk* Empty
PostSubject: Re: Could be fun... *Smirk*   Could be fun... *Smirk* EmptySun May 19, 2013 4:37 am

Welcome to the academy Kyo Razz hope u enjoy it here
A few things:
You must be tested to get into a dorm there are 4 people I know of who can do that: Nottu,Taisakuno Shouri, Logan Anderson, and Gallows.

You can only get in Orichalcos Green via a tournament, also please don't ask for any powers cause I'm pretty sure you wont get them yet.
And you should go here to verify I sent ya here Cool:

Could be fun... *Smirk* Acb

Spammers Beware!

Might get 'em in church or something. We heard the deacon speaking. I'm Donnie McClurkin frontin'~ Kidd Kirigaya

Fun Guide:
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Could be fun... *Smirk*

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