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 Morphtronic Article

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PostSubject: Morphtronic Article   Morphtronic Article EmptyWed Apr 10, 2013 6:56 pm


Morphtronic Article Yugioh_Playmat__Morphtronic_by_Xaidon

Morphtronic's First Appearance

Who has watched Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds? Well, whoever did must know the little toys called "Morphtronics" and their user Leon. 5Ds was the era of the Synchro monsters and Morphtronics were introduced in that same era.
(Click the title for more information.)
Morphtronics have always two different effects, but you cannot always use both effects. You get one of the effects, depending on the Morphtronic's battle position.
Since Morphtronics do not have high ATK and DEF stats, some of their main support cards are Equip Spell cards. Together with them, the little toys can turn into dangerous killer machines.

Morphtronic Variants

>>Morphtronic OTK<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQninS0-I1hmcGsahSLCe18ObcZMoiSdq37BIYLtaXEfOs_XGcr

The most consistent and easiest one to pull off. Only 4 cards are required to deal exactly 8000 points of damage in 1 turn. Celfon, Radion, Boomboxen and the star of this OTK: Morphtronic Boarden. Boarden in attack position gives Morphtronics the ability to deal direct damage to your opponent's life points.

>>Morphtronic Synchro OTK<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT1-TPr4fw5tHCZi0XrX8KkFyWs2blBJB3CMJDXOUz09W-XtSNvOg

The main idea of this OTK is to get Power Tool out, equip it with Double Tool C&D attack for 3300 points of damage and finish it with Ancient Sacred Wyvern. Ancient Sacred Wyvern's ability would increase its attack points by 3300, turning it into a 5400 ATK powerhouse.

>>Morphtronic Lock<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTt8625v2oICMwrMBHriY4DQhaUzf2EjusbNROXsJbanGOfx6bOQ

This version's goal is to stop your opponent from attacking you, so that you can set up your field and win with Synchro monsters. If you have two Morphtronic Magnen on the field, their ability will stop your opponent from attacking other monsters, which is similar to Watt lock.

Important Cards of this Archetype

>>Power Tool Dragon<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSvI7RVcGRXeGDVwzOUphyapYk02p8T9bk-UYgUqjNiP2l_I9KKpQ

Easy to get out, can provide you with very useful Equip Spells every turn and is hard to get rid off. This is the master of the Morphtronic army. It truly is a game-changing card, since it can screw your opponent over in just one turn. If you run Morphtronics, this is one of the best Synchro monsters for you.

>>Morphtronic Celfon<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR6jh1pPrbc_8STsvKrElCeWZCQlKBJG33dNAYlDNpASCa4Dwmkow

This is in my opinion the most important searcher for Morphtronics. Its swarming ability is an amazing way to set the various OTKs and locks up. Its stats are not the best, but this is not going to matter, once you have other much stronger monsters staring your opponent down.

>>Morphtronic Scopen<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYcgkn1cD3Xn6ZR07M-DSTMT3q5lnkuvrQOvy_4pOsHEyBWNo7RA

In my opinion, the most important Tuner in a Morphtronic deck. It has a very special ability. If in attack position, it can summon a Lv4 Morphtronic monster right from your hand and give you an instant Power Tool Dragon. When in defense position, the once Lv3 Tuner turns into a Lv4 Tuner opening you many different moves.

>>Junk Box<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQmeEIE8f-Sj_Uk7zx9vJDF5njb7tc-uv1L63fWlRmnHaAg8OWA

Morphtronic's very own Monster Reborn! The monster may be destroyed during the End Phase, but getting a monster instantly back from the grave is still a very nice option. Not much to say here.

>>Double Tool C&D<<

Morphtronic Article Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT4QshSzUAWf0tdDelSFJPjf4-pLEYLVOR2rGUG-CNNhQsUE1J-

Power Tool's favorite weapon: The Double Tool. Just like Morphtronics, this card has two different effects. These however, activate depending on whose turn it is.

Bloody's Morphtronic Build

Morphtronic Article P9cngQW


I had this build from the last format and decided to update it and adapt it to this new format. As you can see, this deck focuses on OTKing/outplaying your opponent and not locking them down.
The Main and Extra deck are pretty self-explanatory, however let's look at the Side deck.

Maxx "C". There's many other decks that are much faster than Morphtronics. Being able to plus off of that is a very good option. Snowman laughs at Evolzar Laggia. With Dino/Macro Rabbit being one of the top decks this format, having a Snowman for those possible match-ups in the side, provides a quick and safe way to get rid of those. If you happen to walk across a Machine deck, then you can simply summon a Cyber Dragon and get rid of any possible threat.
As for the traps, only more cards to mess with the opponent, specially the current meta.


If you are one of those players, who likes fast-paced decks then Morphtronics are the deck for you. Usually people say that Morphtronics can't win against Tier decks, but as I always say: "If you know how to use a deck, you can beat anything with it." It's the same with Morphtronics.

With this being said I encourage you to try and build your very own Morphtronic Deck or just start with mine to get familiar with the basic strategies. Have fun!

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Morphtronic Article

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