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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 The Academy of Magic Arts

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PostSubject: The Academy of Magic Arts   The Academy of Magic Arts EmptySun Mar 24, 2013 5:28 am

The Introduction!

Welcome one and all to my first official RP for this site, I know you all know by now I can be rather long winded, so I'll attempt to cut this short, that said, let's get right to it.

This Role Play will be a magic based, non yugioh or any other anime related story. If anything it would be similar to harry potter...but not quite. Picture us in a College-ish set up. Dorms, classroom, dining halls and such. Although instead of learning match literature and science. You will be learning magic ^.^ That's about all there is too it, you can use spells any time you wish, and you can mingle with other character any way you wish. Without future a due, lets get right to it!

The Basic Info!

I will be adding links to RP items/Spells/etc as time goes on. And will be updating the approved characters, spells and such in those threads, all participating character will be listed at the bottom of THIS POST!

How do I join?

How do I Obtain Magic?

How do I obtain Items?

Under construction

Can I post spam and/or off topic in this thread?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! ALL posts in this thread must be In Character and by approved character which can be obtained in the link above. Thank you.

How do I know if my stuff is approved?

Chekc the application pages, there will be highlighted aka colored edits in your posts stating whether or not your character is approved. Approved character will be added to this post, and approved spells will be added to character sheets. I will also TRY to contact you once I have approved and/or disapproved of your applications.

I think this post needs a _____ section!

If you think I've left something out, please pm me and I will add it to this post! ^.^ Thank you for the contributions!

How do I start?

Easy, get an approved character, get yourself added to the Role Play List (below) The link to make one is above, and then read a current story line and just join in, make any contributions you want, this is a learning experience ^.^ New and/or experienced Role Players welcome. You can also start your OWN thread and story line, just make a new topic in the academy section, and name it whatever you feel like fits the mood or your desired story at the time, and then make a starting post. It's that easy! Here's a link to my current story line.

The Character List!


Ventriloquist - Ky

White Rose Dragon - Rose Asmodeus

Nottu - Lysander

Gallows - Marcurio Telvanni

Valkoor Lightheart - Sairento Soyokaze

Blazer Slater - Ami-Ra Brooks



The Conclusion!

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The Academy of Magic Arts

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