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 strike_neos' Test Results

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PostSubject: strike_neos' Test Results   strike_neos' Test Results EmptyTue Mar 19, 2013 5:40 pm

Match Duel: Evilswarm vs. Rabbit-Swarm
Single Duel: Prophecy vs. Constellar


Match Results: 0/12 points

- 2 vs. 0

Match Deck Construction Total: 8/17

- Number of Cards: 2/3

- Consistency: 4/8
Weird. Veiler, Guide and DAD seemed to kill the ratio of XYZ summoning. You got Ophion out a few times and his effect of searching for Pandemic was a bit troublesome. You need to search for other outs, once you have a Pandemic to protect yourself. There are plenty of other XYZ, even within the Evilswarm-Archtype, that could have been worrysome.

- Originality: 2/4
Rabbit-Swarm is the most usual way of playing Swarms.

- Side Deck: 0/2
0/15. No cards in a side is not good at all.

Match Performance Total: 10/23 points

- Rulings: 8/8
Rulings is not a problem with you.

- Focus: 0/2
That was terrible. Forgetting about your own effects, misscounting monsters in garveyard, using Veiler in your own Battle-Phase. I think some of these things really threw you off balance and you started to get more agitated about the match. Stay calm, take your time, consider all effects beforehand and then play.

- Use of cards: 2/5
Going for Ophion over and over again wasn't really the best thing to do. I did not play any lvl 5 or higher monsters, and as a fellow Swarm user you should have known. I used Hreaslveg and Azzatooth a lot and popped like 3 or 4 Ophions, so you should have searched for alternatives like Evilswarm Thanatos.
I liked how you guessed that my set monster was Hrealseveg and did not attack into it, so I would flip it myself and you could Veiler it. That was a smart move and saved your Ophion for a turn.

- Siding: 0/8
No Side-Deck and therefore no siding.


Single Result: 5/5 points
Probably wasn't the best idea to play Prophecy for the first time in a test. 3 top-decked Priestress sure didn't help.

Single Deck Construction Total: 11/13 points

- Number of Cards: 2/3

- Consistency: 6/6
Typicall for Constellars he got a first-turn Omega and had a Kaust, Fire Formation and Thrasher ready to go off. It was a short match but you sure started very quickly.

- Originality: 3/4
Usuall Constellars. Since Cosmo Blazer and the Fire Formations they are everywhere. Still, I feel that Constellars have been much less played that other up-coming Archtypes like E-Dragons.

Single Performance Total: 15/15 points

- Rulings: 8/8
No complaints.

- Focus: 2/2
Caught him a bit off focus, as he slept through my summon and wanted to activate Torrential pretty late. As it was the only thing he messed up, I'll let it pass.

- Use of cards: 5/5
There wasn't really anything he could have done diffrently. I had no answer to anything and he pretty much did the right thing in playing safe and going for Omega before bringing out the big guns.


Attitude: 2/2
Eager to play, nice fella.

Deck Variety: 1/3
Both decks focus on the very same thing: Spam XYZ. They even include specific counterparts like Pollux/Castor and Kercyon/Sombres.

Overall: 52/90
Welcome to Slifer Red.
Very close to Ra! Just a Side Deck would have gotten you there!
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strike_neos' Test Results Empty
PostSubject: Re: strike_neos' Test Results   strike_neos' Test Results EmptyWed Mar 20, 2013 1:55 am

Strike I thought you said you were gonna go to green or blue :p
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strike_neos' Test Results

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