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 Seto Bakura's Test Results

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PostSubject: Seto Bakura's Test Results   Seto Bakura's Test Results EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 5:33 pm

C.C. (Gishki) v.s Seto Bakura (D.D. Eatos)

Match Results: 0/4:
+2 for each win. Bonus +2 if went 2-0

Use of Cards 14/20:
Used his cards fairly, though not much time was given.

Duel Control: 2/15:
Had me thinking, when he dropped Dreadscythe. But a high cost Zealgigas managed to rid of that. Mainly has been the only threat throughout the Match. Exciton'd 5 backrow away, nothing chained but a Compuls.

Creativity: 5/5
Eatos, with the new support, and the Banishing Chaos Zone engine, with Dimensional Alchemist. Nice combo, hope you can make it work out well.

Attitude: 2/2:
No issues here. Nice, and a charm to duel against.

Ruling Knowlege: 2/16:
8 questions about rulings, each worth 2 points.

Concentration and Misplays: 5/8:
Was paying attention, didn't make too many missplays.

Deck Build: 7/20:
Deck had 3 or more engines together. Inferno Tempest, Chaos Zone and Eatos. Best suggestion, simplify. Try to focus on just one thing, otherwise it may become cloggy in the Deck, and cards may come up when you need the others.

Side Deck: 0/10:
No Side Deck available. Just add cards, that hurt other decks a lot, but doesn't kill your deck.

Total points: 37/100

Slifer Red = 0-65

Ra Yellow = 66 - 89

Obelisk Blue = 90 - 100

Seto Bakura's Test Results 2yy102h

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Seto Bakura's Test Results

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