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 Grand Opening! QftSK!

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PostSubject: Grand Opening! QftSK!   Grand Opening! QftSK! EmptyFri Apr 18, 2014 11:52 pm

The Quest For The Skull Katanas![Role Play]

So What's It All About?

Those of you who enter this Rp may be asking what EXACTLY is going on. As I've ben fairly vague. Well, some of the reasons for all the secrecy, is because much of the RP can ONLY be understood by playing. However, here's the basics.

You participants will enter a large forest. The forest itself, is not entirely normal, and you may find things inside are not as they appear. Another way to look at this, is for me to simply tell you that making it through Pan's Labyrinth alive would be child's play compared to navigating this forest. Within the forest are 2 blades known as the Skull Katanas. Legend says they have power to slay the God's themselves. And that those who obtain them, will become unrivaled in all the known universe(s). They can do anything from simply cut just about anything, to grant wishes, or enhance powers you may already posses. Now while some of you might want this power for yourself, others could simply join to PREVENT such power from falling into the wrong hands.


Pretty simple here really, these are some simple rules and tips you'll need to follow to prevent yourself from getting DQed, or just simply failing miserably.

1: Make sure you have an approved character. Basically any character created gets approved with very few acceptations, so it's really not that hard. Link to check if you have a character, or to go make one now are here.

2: After the RP starts, you ARE allowed to make a character, and join the RP LATE. However, if you do so, the story will reflect that choice. Being this RP is story based, not stat based, that means you will be at a disadvantage. You'll likely be trying to simply play catch up for your first few posts. But then again... you never know. Maybe you'll find something another person missed Wink

3: So how do you go about finding the swords exactly? Simple. You just RP ways of looking for them. Consider you are in a mythical forest, and consider the following advice. Basically any legend, that you've ever heard can correlate to the skull katanas. As they are ageless infinite weapons that have existed since the dawn of time. This means Thors Hammer, Excaliber, etc all stemmed from these blades. So, you could start by trying to pray to or summon thor, or recall some hint you knew about Excalibur. Look for a stone perhaps. Or you could just try something simple, like aimlessly walking through the forest looking around corners. Literally anything goes. So long as you RP your character searching in SOME way, you will get results. Though they may not be what you expect. XD

4: And this is rather important. You CANNOT leave the forest. Flying is legal, but leaving the boundaries of the parameter of the trees is not. That said, your character regardless of strength, or intelligence, would likely not be able to leave the forest once you enter anyway...mwahahahaha.

3: Vent and Hero are acting GM(Game Masters) Within the RP, both OOC AND IC. This means, anything they say, goes. We are the Judge, the Jury and the Executioner. Remember this at all time to ensure a fun game.

Let's Get Started Shall We?

Simply click the link, make sure you follow the rules. And begin posting IC ONLY(In Character) with your approved character.

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Grand Opening! QftSK!

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