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 Vent's RP Rules Breakdown!

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PostSubject: Vent's RP Rules Breakdown!   Vent's RP Rules Breakdown! EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 5:40 am

The Rules Again



What Each One Means.

"1. Respect is required no matter the situation. Failure to comply will result in game termination."

I feel like this rule is obvious. bashing another player, name calling, and generally getting but hurt because they did something IN GAME will result in game termination. RP is ALWAYS, very very strictly in character, as I explained in my previous lesson. So scream and yell and fight all you want... between the two characters. But taking that hostility "Out Of Character," will NOT be tolerated.

"2. Complaints, situations, disagreements will be discussed accordingly between players."

Another obvious one. Goes hand in hand with rule number one in that respect must still be shown at all times. However this simply means that if you think your attack should have hit, and player B does not. You and player B may discuss the situation, "Out of Character" (OOC) until an agreement has been reached. This applies to any and all situations.

"3. Each participant holds the right to ask a third-party to review the role-play."

This means that each player, whom ever they are and however many of them there are; have the right to ask any third party (un-involved persons.) to look over the RP. Now, this does NOT mean you can drag your friend into the fight and have him star bashing what has happened. It simply means you and your 3rd party choice can review the RP together, and do with that information as you will. In most cases, this means if you can't figure out how to dodge my attack on your own, your friend can help you brain storm. Rule 2 still applies, and as such you can request that your friend (or mine) be brought in to comment to the other player on what has been happening.

"4. Mutual standards are applied to concepts such as god-mod[0 toleration] and close-ended actions."

Now this one might seem complicated but it's not really. If you've read the link I shared in Lesson 3 (The one originally discussing rules.) Basically what this rule is saying is that all those rules apply. Hence "Mutual standards are applied." The part saying "[0 toleration.]" means there are no warning regarding Godmod. You do not get an opportunity to re post. And If it's discovered your Godmoding, you are immediately disqualified from the fight. Close-ended actions mean things that do not leave room for interpretation. "I punch you in the face and break your skull." is a close ended action. Also known as an "Auto Hit." The correct way of attempting the attack is "I attempt to punch you in the face. If it should hit, the damage would be enough to break your skull without defense applied." This example is known as an open-ended action. And is the only way of performing attacks. Again, most of this is covered in the link, which I will provide again at the bottom of this thread.

"5. No attacking on the first post. EVER."

This is simply an issue of respect. It is frowned upon in the RP world to attack someone in the first post. This LITERALLY means the "FIRST" post. Meaning the second person MAY attack, but it is STILL frowned upon because it is that persons FIRST post. Normally how this works is each player takes their opening post, to introduce themselves, explain what they are wearing, or what they may have brought to the fight. And otherwise generally set up. Although attacking is illegal. You MAY post set up even if it uses some kind of energy. Such as for example having your character emit a type of sensory sonar. Or activating Sharingan.

"6. NPC's 0 count are allowed as logical consistencies."

This one is another thing some people may not understand. NPC is a stupid term. But basically it means anything or any one that is written into the RP that is alive, or very similar to being alive that is not specifically your player. An example would be "Shadow Clones" from Naruto. The reason the term NPC is stupid is because it stands for "Non Playable Character." ...and you are playing that character. Any form of clone, or summon would also fall under this category. Keep 2 things in mind with NPC's. First of all, some character need them. MY RULE states no NPC's allowed. But if a player needed them I would edit the rule to allow them enough NPC's to fight with. But without this rule... a player can simply create an infinite number of clones and troll all day long with them. So keep in mind the "Count" can be adjusted to 2, or 3, or how ever many both character agree upon. The second thing to keep in mind is the reason for the term. Since an NPC is NOT your character, it is NOT effected by the normal rules of RP. At ANY TIME, during ANY RP. An NPC can be killed off by either play and they CAN be auto hit. Meaning if i put the NPC count at 1, and you summon a clone. On my next post I can Auto hit the NPC, and declare that I have killed it, and you cannot prevent my character from doing so. That said, this rule applies to both characters. This rule of "NPCs may be killed at will by either player, at any time." is a generally accepted mutual rule.

"7. Turn-based, online-para; 7-day turn limitation enabled."

Turn based seems self explanatory. You take turns, its not a contest of who can post the fastest. Online para means this is online, and we are doing single paragraphs. And the 7 day thing is referring to a time limit. Should either player not post for longer than 7 days. Then that player is disqualified, and the last person to post will be declared the winner. Any of these rules can be adjusted. The time limit could be set at 2 days if you'd rather the RP be forced to move a lil faster. And online para (paragraph) could be changed to online multi para (meaning its required the players post at least 2 paragraphs.) Or online sentence, (meaning the players would only be required to post a single sentence.)

"8. Fantasy - Unlocked."

Basically this says there's no restriction on what type of character may enter, so long as they follow the general rules. But it means we are following fantasy based logic, and that anything within that realm is acceptable. You could be a ninja, a vampire, a demon, a mage, of some energy enhanced being of your choice.

"9. Mock Death Match"

This refers to win condition. IN a death match, the person who loses, literally loses their character. That character, in that RP universe is considered dead. You must kill the other player to win. In a mock death match, you must still kill the other player to win. However, after the fight is over it's basically considered a dream. Like it never happened. Whom ever lost will KEEP their character and live to fight another day.

"10. You have a limit of 2 attack actions per post. Transformations take half of that, and any actions left over can be carried over to your next post."

An example seem fitting here. So this basically says I can shoot a fire ball at you, then rush in behind it and attempt to flank you, then stab you with a sword. Traveling and other such motion actions don't count towards this rule.

However, now lets say you active your sharingan. You now only have 1 and a half actions left because the activation of your sharingan counts as a transformation. So now you could shoot a fire ball at me, still have one half of your actions left over, and activate your MANGEKYOU sharingan which is an advanced transformation stage. If you had not activated your mangkeyou. The 1 half would carry over to you next post. Allowing you to transform again, and still have 2 attacks.

"11. No Numerical Speeds nor Teleportations [Counts as God mod]."

Basically no, you cannot tell me you move at 500,000 mile per hour. It's extremely prick-ish to try and use math to defeat someone in this way. You also cannot teleport. Ever. No matter what. Both of these things count as Godmod, ans per rule 4. If you tell me you run at me at 5 miles per hour, you will be disqualified. :|Say you move really fast. Or as fast as you can. Or faster than the AVERAGE eye can see. Say anything besides listing it numerically.

Alternately, you CAN use a metaphor, and say you move at a similar speed to an object, such as a bullet or a car.

"12. Both Characters indeed have a choice know each other."

This simply means either person can choose to have known the other in the past to whatever degree they wish. Normally this will effect their RP relationship though. And, you do not HAVE to know each other. It's simply implied you CAN.

"13. Final Call on who has won will be made by players, and if need be an acceptable judge."

This goes hand in hand with rule 2. But also states that an acceptable and agreed upon judge may be called in. To prevent someone who's not even involved from having to read through a ton of posts, its preferable that the players decide the winner between themselves. A judge is a last resort, if a dispute cannot be met with an agreement. And the judge does have final say in the matter if called in.

"14. Say I accept if you understand these rules."

And finally, this one is simple. In a post, if you agree to the rules and if you want to participate in the fight you must say by posting "I accept." in which case these rules are then binding. Without saying you accept, you will not be allowed to participate in the fight(s)


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Vent's RP Rules Breakdown!

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