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 Kicking off the Earthbound Wars

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PostSubject: Kicking off the Earthbound Wars   Kicking off the Earthbound Wars EmptySun Oct 20, 2013 1:52 pm

A group of 5. Regularly dressed people, looking as much as a friend circle, had just arrived in Peru. Nazca City. They looked a bit on edge, but seen the expectations people usually had when coming here that would be pretty common. Nobody would notice it. All 5 of them being Duelists, they had rented a couple rooms at one of the local hotels, and went in to get started.

At the same time, in a little house at the dessert, 5 people as well, dressed in unusual black robes however, were unpacking their own stuff and talking about where to start, planning their search for the things they had to do. A woman, apparently their leader, was more or less telling people where to put their things and who would stay where. Inside, she was already looking, already trying to figure out where it could be. But they'd get there. Soon enough.

Ok. That's the intro to this Role Play. All characters know where they start now, and you're supposed to, kind off, communicate with the ones in your Team. You can consider this to be more or less a 5 - 5 Team War.

Rules for Decks and dueling:
- Do not side specifically against Earthbounds, like Field Barrier or such. This is playing on their weakness, and is unfair to those who never used them before. The previous knowledge of what someone plays should not be used.

- Do not use Meta style decks for your Signer Dragon. This means no Lavals for Quasar or Dragunity for Stardust. It's supposed to be a fun war, and not end up with someone just single killing everyone else.

- The Seal of Orichalcos is not allowed. This due to the fact it has nothing to do with this Role Play or these cards, at all. Dark Signers cannot use this card, the same applies for Signers, but I'm assuming that's obvious.

- Dark Signers can only use the Earthbound they've gotten assigned to them. The use of another will be punished with being kicked out of this Role Play.

- The leader of the Dark Signers uses all of them. You cannot challenge her until the rest of the Dark Signers are defeated.

- Challenges are to be accepted at all times. No evading, and if you cannot duel at the given time then you still have to accept, but you can agree on dueling at another time and just plan it. Also, if someone challenges you, do not ignore that challenge by talking to someone else. This has proven to be an issue at all other Role Plays so far. Let's keep this clean here.

- No swearing or excessive insulting in any way. Dark Signers are evil, Signers are good. True enough, but this doesn't mean the swearing is suddenly allowed. Keep that in mind. Let's have a nice and fun Role Play, people.

So, with those rules stated, and the intro made, I think we're all set to begin. Don't post yet, until Monday starts [GMT 0:00].
Best luck to everyone, and have fun. And make your Decks! You still have Sunday now to build and playtest them.
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Kicking off the Earthbound Wars

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