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 The Raven's Nest.

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PostSubject: The Raven's Nest.   The Raven's Nest. EmptyThu Aug 15, 2013 10:31 pm

Enter the Raven's nest, a dimly litted room with scraps of iron and random shiny objects littering the area. The bed is a king size, with a raven feather down comforter and about 13 pillows. Right next to the bed is a huge desk slash workbench, littered with cards, papers, and random bits of metal. On the far side of the room is a kitchen area, filled with liquor and quick microwavable food. And right by the door are two plush leather chairs and a leather couch, with a coffee table between them.

The Raven's Nest. Gajeel12

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The Raven's Nest.
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