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 Have You Ever Taken The Time?

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PostSubject: Have You Ever Taken The Time?   Have You Ever Taken The Time? EmptyThu Aug 01, 2013 1:23 pm

Recently, I went on a camping trip. As some of you may or may not have noticed with my absence and all. That being said, sorry my sleep schedule has been a bit messed up lately and even though I'm back, I haven't seen many of you. I'll get as active as I once was again soon... I promise. Currently I'm just going through a lot mentally, and it's taken it's toll. Nothing bad, just using a lot of thought, meditation, and soul searching. Suppose that's what they call growing up right? Anyway, back to my point. While I was away, camping that is, I had a bit of a "Light bulb" moment. Which bring me to a little story, I'll try not to take too much of your time. For those of you who read all this, thanks, as I put it here for a reason. ^.^. To those who don't, no worries I still love you too.

 I live in the country, on 300 acres. So there are all sorts of wild animals, vegetation, pastures and forests nearby. So camping was nothing too unfamiliar to me. However the river was something else, as Texas does not have many. I went Kayaking and that was AWESOME, although the fact I forgot sunscreen sort of sucked. However something crazy happened during the trip I did not expect. To be blunt, I found my self MEZMORIZED by a tree. Yea, a simple tree. What actually caught my eye was a falling leaf, just something about the way it fell. I suppose being exposed to all this nature my whole life I just never really took the time to analyze the simple process before. This tiny, fragile little green fragment of life dance through the air. I watched it as it fluttered and spun. Traveling some sort of road way I couldn't see, but it knew so perfectly. Finally, it touched down, without sound and never disturbing a thing besides my attention and I glanced up to see where it had come from.

 Obviously, it was the massive tree in front of me, literally covered with hundreds more of the little green things just like the one I'd just watched. Wow. That moment. What WAS this thing. I mean, a tree yea but have any of you ever REALLY considered the fact that they are ALIVE. They have energy, they collect and use it every day just like we do. But the sad part is they have no voice, no way to move, or at least very little. They cannot walk like we do, and yet they seem so happy. I guess I just kinda realized how humble they are. How selfless. Yea... selfless that's the word. I mean, without them we couldn't even exist and yet we chop them down by the dozens every day. They never complain, and they present use with so much beauty every day, and provide us with vital oxygen.

It almost felt like an out of body experience to be honest. Which makes it hard to explain exactly just how amazed I am by them now, but I'd love it if some of you just went outside and took an honest moment just to watch a tree as crazy as that sounds. Limited as they are in their actions, I do believe they reach out to us, trying to communicate. Perhaps with me, this particular tree succeeded. Because I knew it was happy, somehow I really did. To be a tree. Hmmm, how interesting that might be. A life so very ancient, all the things you'd see, and all the patience you'd gain over those years is mind blowing. Smile

That's really about it, like I said I don't want to continue on and on about this and bore you all. But I did feel inspired enough to share the story, and in the future I plan to write perhaps from the perspective of a tree watching a day go by, or a poem inspired by what happened to me. If any one else has had an experience similar to this feel free to share it, and if this story opens your eyes to the world around you feel free to share that too. Or just tell me I bored the hell out of you if you want, haha.

Regardless of your comments, good or bad, I still love you. And fact is, I had an empathetic moment with a tree O_O. I felt like a native American having a Spirit Walking experience. Truly, and utterly.. Haunting, Humbling, and Refreshing.


"There is no greater feeling of loneliness, than not knowing one's self."
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PostSubject: Re: Have You Ever Taken The Time?   Have You Ever Taken The Time? EmptyThu Aug 01, 2013 2:57 pm

(For what I'm about to type, I don't think my rainbow code will allow it so deal with non colorful text. x3 )

Vent, you're rather in tune with nature. Not a lot of people are like that anymore cause they're so caught up with the latest technology or they're too busy on the internet or just in a smog filled city working their life away. I'm rather in tune with nature too. Not just because I have Native American blood in me, but I see from a different perspective. 

People see a tree, I see something so very important to me. It gives me shade from the sun in the summer time, gives me oxygen to breath while I give it carbon dioxide to shift into it to survive. Trees need us and we need trees. That's why it breaks me heart to see these companies tear out acres of trees and don't even take the time to replant. Are we gonna end up like the people in The Lorax and have to pay an arm and a leg for oxygen to breath? The way the world is spiraling downwards, I wouldn't be surprised. 

I live out in the country. Have for a majority part of my life. Even growing up in my little hometown, we were surrounded by thousands of acres of farmland and woods. Southern Ohio, that's what you see. When I first moved from my little town to "The Middle of Nowhere", I was bored. I didn't have friends to hang out with, sidewalks to ride my bike on, a park to hang out at. Nothing. Being a twelve year old kid, I didn't know what else to do besides sit inside and play my Gameboy Color or Nintendo 64. My parents didn't want me to sit inside and rot away in front of my games so they sent me outside to enjoy nature. 

My mother is a country girl while my father was a city boy. My mother knew the joy of nature while my father freaked out at the first snowfall and the roads weren't cleared off. Mum roamed the nature while my dad worked on cars, growing up. So, I took this time to investigate the six acres of land we had. My parents only warned me of the twelve foot King Snake who was named Lady. She kept our land very safe. She ate the poisonous snakes, kept the rabbits from eating out garden and kept the rat problem to a bare minimum. Yeah, we had cats but they were fat and lazy indoor cats that would watch a rat walk by and not care and stare at you when you told them to catch it. Now that we have more cats who hunt, a rat or mouse gets evicted quickly.

Sorry for the tangent, anyhow, I slipped on my dads mud boots and tracked through our muddy, wooded area. It was spring time so it was very rainy, dreary, everything looked like color was sapped from it, dead. Everything looked dead. But, that's honestly my favorite time of year. Cool, rainy, cloudy all the time, no color. Easy on the eyes. After about a twenty minute track through mud and rainwater, I got to our woods. I walked trails that were there from previous people and listened. Nature was all around me. I felt. . . happy.

For once, since I moved to the middle of nowhere, I was happy, content. I felt at ease and felt equal with the trees, bushes, everything that was around me. Yeah, the woods would put you in mind of Marble Hornets and you'd think Slender Man was around but this was fourteen years ago. I don't know how many hours I spent in the woods. I even talked to the trees. (I'm not nuts, more carbon dioxide for them.)

When I got home that evening, I told my parents how much I enjoyed nature, the woods. I thought I would be the town girl who would hate the nature, but I loved it. My mother said that I was in tune with my Native American side and with nature. We do live in "Native American Territory". Explains all my spooky supernatural experience but read my Creepy Pasta for that. I still live in this area. Still track in the woods, but I have gotten more curious and tracked further along. I still enjoy the nature and when I have a child, I'll show them the joys of it. I don't want them to be like these kids who do nothing but sit inside and rot away. I want them to enjoy what might be gone in the future.

The nature around me has inspired stories, art, even my own personality. Nature is wonderful and I think everyone should get out there and experience it once. Might inspire something. 

To those who read this, I'm not nuts or have so many feelings or call myself a tree hugger, I just enjoy what has been here longer than us and will continue to outlive us. 
And, if you are the people who are TL;DR, you're not getting a summery, read what I have to say.
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Have You Ever Taken The Time?

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