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Role Play Academy concerning a project to improve duelists.
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 PDA Rules

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PostSubject: PDA Rules   PDA Rules EmptySun May 26, 2013 5:47 pm

1. No spamming or trolling: Posting things that are repetitive and useless to the actual topic are forbidden. Likewise, posting things just to piss people off are also not tolerated.

2. No flaming at other members: This basically means no vulgar, sexually harassing, racist, or threatening comments to other members of the forum. Disrespecting others is not tolerated. If you’re asked to stop due to your language offending someone, please do so. Otherwise, actions by moderators or admins will be taken. If you feel offended, please contact an admin/moderator via private message or otherwise. We WILL take action.

3. Do not double post: Don’t post directly after your last post; meaning, having two posts or more in a row from you. Simply edit your last post if you want to say something more. You may double post only to bump up tournament sign-up topics so people can see them.

4. No excessive use of caps: Using them once and awhile for emphasis on some words is fine, but don’t spam it for EVERY sentence. It’s unnecessary.

5. No multi accounts: Use only one account on this forum and not more. It creates confusion and is utterly useless.

6. No posting sexually explicit or harmful material: Moderators and admins can use their own views on this. If they deem it is explicit or harmful to other members, they will get rid of it.

7. No advertising links to other academies: We’re at this academy for a reason, not so that we can be swayed to another.

8. Post material in the correct forum: Don’t post introductions in a tournament thread, for example. The topic will be moved to the correct forum if this does happens. If it persist, the topic may be flat out deleted.

9. No necroposting: don't post on topics that are long outdated and essentially irrelevant anymore.

Chatbox Infractions:
1st Infraction: A kick from Chatbox
2nd Infraction: A 5 minute ban from Chatbox
3rd Infraction: 24 hour ban from Chatbox

Forum Infractions:
1st Infraction: Warning
2nd Infraction: 24 hour ban
3rd Infraction: 1 week ban
4th Infraction: 1 week ban
5th Infraction: IP Ban

NOTE: Chatbox infractions reset each day.  Forum infractions DO NOT

This is pretty short and generic so if you have anything that you think should be added PM me.
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PDA Rules

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