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 Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max!

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Taisakuno Shouri


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Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! Empty
PostSubject: Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max!   Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! EmptyTue May 07, 2013 1:21 pm


TL;DR? Go to “And Finally, the Conclusion” for a summary. ~TAC

I Show off to Slifers

There’s a problem that I see time and time again with the decks that inexperienced players show me, and it tends to end up with them getting ripped apart in a game and afterwards asking me - “How does my opponent always have all the outs to what I have!?” When I look at their decklists trying to help them, I then begin to see plenty of cards that seem to be thrown in just to address an extremely specific few cards that maybe their friends use or that they had trouble with in a rated match on DN. The issue, though, is that they keep throwing out pieces of their own deck in order to fight against other’s decks, and what their deck ends up being is a stack of thrown together cards built to counter others (often ineffectually) with little aggressive strategy of it’s own. It has no synergy.

What’s “Synergy”?

An overly fancy term- one you probably won’t ever hear in this context outside of this article honestly; but I’m using it to explain to you what we’re trying to accomplish here. We’re trying make our decks consist of cards that work in conjunction to execute a specific strategy that defeats our opponent. How’s that for a definition?

The thing is, it’s not as simple as having two cards that work together. We have to consider not drawing into key pieces of our deck, the ability to have our strategy follow through in the face of our opponent’s trap line-up, and how we’re able to stop an opponent’s strategy.

I Play 3 Lightning Vortex in Every Deck


Before we can even begin, we have to decide what the hell it is we’re trying to achieve here. “What’s my strategy?” It sounds silly that I’d be asking this, but it’s actually not as clear cut as it seems. We can have a “main play” or a “key card”, but what if we don’t draw into one of our combo pieces? Can our deck still compete? Having a strategy lets you build your deck in such a way that even if you don’t draw into a power card, like Rescue Rabbit in Dino Rabbit decks, or Fire Formation - Tenki in Fire Fist, that you’re still able to compete in the game because your deck is built with a theme and still works together. We have to be able to rely on our strategy, and be able to reach into it almost every game.

What are some good examples of what a strategy looks like, then?

Frog Monarchs use a large amount of card effects that remove monsters, thereby keeping the opponent from keeping large monsters on the field for a long time.
Mermails use monsters that search more monsters from their deck, allowing them to apply constant pressure on their opponent until they buckle at the knees, or lose because they can’t respond to a large monster swarm.
HERO Anti-Meta (also known as LIGHT Beat HEROs)plays a large amount of cards that disrupt common plays, keeping opponents from effectively making large plays. Their HERO monsters tend to follow the theme of punishing the opponent for playing removal effects on them. (Elemental Hero The Shining recovers 2 monsters and Elemental Hero Alius regenerates advantage with Gemini Spark and Hero Blast.

What are some bad strategies?

An Arcanite Magician deck that attempts to use Arcanite Magician’s effect to clear the opponent of their field.
A deep draw deck that attempts to use the effect of Heart of the Underdog to draw a large amount of cards- without a way to keep from getting slapped by the hand limit.

I Keep Losing to Torrential Tribute

Unfortunately, having a strategy simply isn’t enough. Backrow is quite plentiful in Yu-Gi-Oh!, and often times decks are made unplayable simply because of how easily they are crippled by an opponent’s disruption. The decks that get hit the worst are ones that rely on spending three or more cards from their hand to get a combo play into effect. While they can create some of the most devastating plays in the game, they are also the most trivially easy to stop, often causing the player using them to lose almost instantaneously as soon as they spot a Bottomless Trap Hole or Effect Veiler.

The issue becomes that most decks have a strategy, and in a card game like this there is always a counter-strategy - and it’s often in the main deck of others, if not the side deck. The solution to this is a two-step process which is rather tricky.

We first need to identify what it is that hard counters our deck. Often, decks, especially the popular ones in competitive play, can counter strategies by simply altering the way they play to make sure they can throw a tack onto your chair making the next guy you put on the field run away with his hands over his ass.

You should be able to find this pretty quickly by playing a few games with the deck. Often times though, you’ll find that aggressive decks and decks that focus on getting a particular boss monster out will be hit considerably harder by traps on your opponent’s side of the field. Conservative control decks are often wrecked by monsters that can protect themselves and decks that can generate card advantage without a successful summon. Some decks just need time; time to float into all their pieces and keep the opponent from killing them in one turn until they can drop a large wave of monsters.

Whatever it is, the issue next becomes “how do I solve this weakness?” This is possibly the hardest part of deckbuilding, as throwing in a couple traps is often not nearly enough to solve it. When you choose out the cards to help your deck follow through with it’s strategy, one of the most important things to consider is how often you’ll be able to use your card of choice. You need to choose cards that can deal with many different kinds of threats, and are generally versatile- one of the best examples of this is Forbidden Lance.

Forbidden Lance plays such an important role in Dino Rabbits because it allows the deck to protect it’s precious boss monsters, the Evolsaurs, but also allows it to use it’s otherwise small monsters like Jurrac Guaiba to defeat problematic monsters your opponent controls. It’s live with nearly every monster in the deck, because it can be used offensively and defensively, and guards against any spell or trap that’s played against the deck.

But most importantly, Forbidden Lance can be used in any game state. When you’re losing, Forbidden Lance turns things around. When you’re winning, Forbidden Lance protects your field and keeps you winning. A lot of cards have the flaw of only working when you’re losing or winning, like Robbin’ Goblin, which only has the chance to trigger when you’re in an already winning game state, or Damage Condenser, which only works when you’re losing monsters and taking likely heavy battle damage. While these can be powerful cards, you may find that more often than not you’ll wish they were something else, or that you don’t need them.

I Fill my Deck With Jar of Greed

Strategy formation and execution, check. Strategy protection, check. And, I still have 8 deck slots open. What do we fill it up with? I’d like to point out that we need to once again revert back to looking at our strategy. What sort of cards can we use to make our advantages harder to negate through counter strategies, and what can we use to keep ourselves in the game? This is where the metagame of your playing environment comes into play- no, not necessarily that everyone is going to be playing Mermails. We need to identify what will most likely be the most common decks we face when we play will be; this is a small ratio of the deck, but using cards that can give you an advantage over common decks, especially the ones that give you the most trouble, can be a powerful asset.

A well-timed Fiendish Chain can shut down an opponent’s Evilswarm Ophion. A devastating Royal Decree can lock down opponents with Naturia Beast. Revealing a Maxx “C” can make a Mermail player think twice before continuing their combo. Pay attention to the people you play with- entire Yugioh Championship Series tournaments have been won by players like Tyler Tabman who made good predictions about what his opponents were going to play.

And Finally, the Conclusion

Here’s what we’re going to do. Rip apart your deck. Take out everything that isn’t strictly necessary, that you don’t absolutely need. Take out Dark Hole. Take out Monster Reborn. We’re looking at the core of the deck, the monsters and spells that name the deck before anything else even exists. We also want to cut out on copies of cards that you don’t need. If you don’t need to open it every single opening game, it should not be at 3. This is your skeleton. Everything in your deck will be strictly in relation to this set of cards.

Here’s where we put in the star players that aren’t strictly necessary for the deck to function. Cards like Deep Sea Diva in Mermails, Cardcar D in Chain Burn, and Light and Darkness Dragon in Frog Monarchs. These cards help your point get across, but you have the ability to cut them out if the meta makes them bad cards to use.

And now we put in the counter cards. Checks to opponent’s cards that can stop your deck, and cards that we can use to screw with opposing strategies. We made a good deck. Hurray. Go give your friend a high five now and beat them. Not physically, of course.

And now, a letter from the author:
Thanks for reading. I know a lot of you (by which I mean all of you) must be wondering who the hell I am. I’m a friend of Tai’s actually, and an over-opinionated writer for my school newspaper (I actually write useless drivel opinion articles, but the point is that I generally enjoy writing, until I have the nervous breakdown considering how well recieved my writing will be.)
Tai told me about his teaching at the Academy, so I looked into his “Synergy” article myself- at which time I realized that while it had good intentions and some good reasonings behind it, the lesson that he wrote may be misleading (Raw percentages really only do good in very select cases.) I decided to correct this issue by writing my own prolonged, verbose drivel on the subject to hopefully learn you why some cards are just plain bad in Yu-Gi-Oh!, y’all.
My attempts, at both teaching useful information and humor, are questionable in quality, so if you have any questions (except for explaining terrible jokes), please do leave them below. If you have comments, or think this was useless- hey, what the hell, critique is often more helpful in learning than praise.
As for anything concerning this “homework” I hear about, I think it’s a waste of time, but Tai told me it’s mandatory so I’ll think about it. So, you can do a video or something about it I guess, as I do enjoy seeing Blazer Slater’s hat, which is arguably more entertaining than Tai losing several matches straight against Kyonaru (By the way, the guy is a hoss); I actually applied in order to start the “BS Hat Fan Club”, but was unfortunately turned down on the grounds of unclear implications and non-membership within the forums.
PS: In case you’re wondering, the word count on this is 2,070 words. The average adult reads at 250 wpm, so I’ve wasted approximately 8 minutes of your time if you read this without stopping...Who am I kidding, it’s probably closer to half an hour with the clarity of this post.
Sincerely, The Average Cabbage

Homework: Now with all the bashing and jokes aside in the author's letter, here is the homework. Break down your deck the same way Cabbage did in the conclusion. It will be in three categories, the Core, the Support, and the Other (Which includes counters and techs). You will be awarded 300 OD for doing all categories in a nice manner. This is an essay assignment.

Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! 0HR2EzZ
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Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max!   Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! EmptyWed May 08, 2013 12:31 am

I had to take a good, long look at my deck. Next, I went online and did some research on my deck type, Bubble Beat. It was excatly like the way I play it, relying on Xyzs and Fusions to defeat the Opponent quickly and easily. Then I started to break up my Deck.

Main Deck

Elemental HERO Bubbleman - Main card of my Deck. Used to quickly Xyz
Elemental HERO Neos Alius - Is a Level 4 Light monster, And it is a Gemini Monster so I can use it with Gemini Spark, and I can use this card to get Elemental HERO The Shining
Elemental HERO Stratos - A card I can use to bring a Elemental HERO monster from my Deck to my hand, or destroy Spells and Traps equal to the number of other Elemental Hero Monsters.
Honest - Is used when I'm attacking a higher attack monster, or when I'm being attacked with a attack that is higher. This would save my monster and destroy my opponents monster.
Photon Thrasher - Is a support of my deck. It is a level 4 light monster, and considering I use little monsters, I can special summon it easily. Photon thrasher can also help me do Xyz. I can Special Summon Photon Thrasher, Normal Summon Stratos, get a Bubbleman and get a a Level 4 Xyz with an remaining Monster on the Field.
Thunder King Rai-Oh - Is very useful in my deck. It can stop my Opponent from searching his deck and Stopping his Special Summons.
A Hero Lives - Is for emergencies or FTKs. I can use this card to special summon Elemental HERO Stratos, Search my Deck, and I can still Normal Summon!
Dark Hole - Is a card I can use to dominate the field, and them I can Summon a monster and Attack Directly!
E - Hero Call - Is a useful card to get Elemental Hero Stratos, Summoning it, getting Bubbleman/ Alius, thinning my deck my 3 cards.
Forbidden Lance - Is a useful card. It can make my Monsters unaffected my spells and traps, and them, if they attack I can use my traps to counter them.
Gemini Spark - Is very useful, considering I can keep recycling Elemental HERO Neos Alius with the effect of Elemental HERO The Shining.
Heavy Storm - Is also a useful card, If my Opponent have 2+ Spells and/or Traps on their field, I can destroy them and be able to breath a bit easier, considering there aren't any traps to stop my plays.
Miracle Fusion - Is a very important card in my Deck. It can fuse my monsters in the Graveyard. Using this card, I can Summon Elemental HERO The Shining, and I can use its effect, gaining 300 Attack for each E Hero in my grave.
Monster Reborn - Is a useful card.I can use dark hole and heavy storm to wipe out my opponents field, and use Monster Reborn to Special a monster. And sometimes, I can Special Summon Elemental HERO Stratos to Get a monster to my hand.
Mystical Space Typhoon - Is an evil spell card. It can be used on both turns, considering its a Quick-Play spell card. I can use this card to destroy dangerous Spell and Trap cards.
Reinforcements of the Army - Is a very useful card in my deck because 9/10 of my monsters are Warriors.
Super Polymerization - Is a very Evil card in my deck. It is a Quick Play Spell, so I can Use it in the Battle Phase to get a Extra Attack, and I can use both sides of the field as my Fusion Material Monsters. Cards like solemn warning, Solemn Judgment and other annoying cards can't be activated in response to Super Polymerization.
Bottomless Trap Hole - Is a good counter to Summons of monsters. For Example,Dino-Rabbit Decks use Rescue Rabbit to Special Summon 2 Dinosaurs, and then I can use Bottomless Trap Hole to destroy & Banish Both Monsters.
Compulsory Evacuation Device - is good against Xyzs and Synchros. Some Xyz and Synchros cannot be destroyed by Card Effects, but I could use Compulsory Evacuation Device to return them to their Extra Deck.
Dimensional Prison - Is used to destroy annoying cards that can't be Destroyed.
Mirror Force - Is a card I use to protect my Monsters. It can wipe out all Attack Position Monsters on my Opponents Field.
Solemn Judgment - Is cards I use to protect my Spells, Traps and Monsters. Sometimes, When In dangerous Situations, I can use this card to negate summons.
Solemn Waring - Is a card that I can use to negate summons of cards that I cannot negate. For example, Gorz and Trago cannot be negated by Cards like Solemn Judgment or Thunder King Rai-Oh, but Solemn Warning can negate its summon.
Starlight Road - Is a card I use to protect my monsters and spells and traps. If they try to destroy my field with cards like Torrential Tribute, I can negate with Starlight Road and be able to summon Stardust Dragon.
Torrential Tribute - Is useful for my deck because I can use it with Starlight Road, or when I'm about to be killed and they summon a monster, I can use this in response.

Side Deck

Kinetic Soldier - This card is very useful because there are many players using Warriors. It gains 2000 Attack and Defense when it is battling a warrior Monster.
Maxx "C" - This card can help thin my deck if my opponent is heavy on special summoning.
Thunder King Ra-Oh - Is in my side deck and my main deck because some decks are heavy on special summoning, so I can use this card to negate the summons.
Nobleman of the Crossout - Is a useful card if my Opponent sets a lot of cards. For Example, If my opponent sets Mermail Linde, I can use Noblemen of the Crossout to banish all copies of them, and makes Abyss-sphere not as dangerous.
System Down - Is a counter to Machine Decks.
Dimensional Fissure - Is a useful card, I can use my Xyz monster's effect, detach a Xyz Material, but it goes to the Grave, so it Benefits me and can troll my opponent. It also benefits my Ace, Elemental HERO The Shining, Its effect adds 300 Attack for each Elemental HERO in my grave.
Breakthrough Skill - is a card I can use during my opponents turn (and my turn) if its set, and I can use this card on my turn to negate a monster effect if its in my grave. Useful when facing Monsters with Dangerous Card Effects.
Chain Disappearance - is a card I can use to stop Rescue rabbit and Kagemusha of the Six Samurai.
Return from the Different Dimension- is a card I can use with Dimensional Fissure if some of my monsters were banished, and I can Xyz for the Kill.

Extra Deck

Elemental HERO Absolute ZERO - A card I can use to wipe out my Opponents Monsters. Used against Water decks in this Format, like Mermail Atlanteans.
Elemental HERO Great Tornado - Stratos, Halves the Attack of my Opponents Monsters, Deals a lot of Damage
Elemental HERO Gaia - I use this card with Super Polymerization. Super Poly would eliminate a monster and Gaia would Halve a attack of an monster and it can gain that much Attack.
Elemental HERO Nova - I use this card against decks like Fire Kings and Fire Fist
Elemental HERO The Shining - This card is my Ace! I use this card to recycle my Monsters and With its high attack, I wipe out can deal a decent amount of damage.
Stardust Dragon - Summoned by Starlight Road and is extra Protection
Blade Armor Ninja - A monster I can summon easily with Stratos and Bubbleman, has 2200 Attack and is able to Attack twice if I use its effect.
Heroic Champion - Excalibur - A Xyz with 2000 attack. I can use Forbidden Lance to protect from Spells/Traps and use its effect, Doubling its Original attack, so Forbidden Lance's Effect won't bother the attack.
Maestroke the Symphony Djinn - A Card that I can use to set my opponents monsters, and then use Noblemen from the Crossout to Banish the monster,
Number 16: Shock Master - A card I can use to negate Either Monster Effects, Spells, or traps. Can be summoned using Monster Reborn, Stratos and Bubbleman
Number 39: Utopia - A Monster that can protect my monsters from up to 2 attacks.
Number 50: Blackship of Corn - A Monster I can use to get pass monsters unable to be destroyed by battle and inflict 1000 LP Damage. I can use it during Main Phase 2 if they still have an monster on their field

Well its finally Time to Sort them out!

Sorted Out!:
Not Sure if we were suppose to include Side Deck, so I did one just in case!

Sorted Out! (With Side) :
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PostSubject: Re: Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max!   Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! EmptyThu May 09, 2013 4:06 pm

Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! KA6V5H3

Well i've been playing this deck for awhile and its more of a aggro blackwing build.
This deck relies on tthe extra for winning games but can also use my non synchros,
and non xyz's to win the game.

main deck
blackwing-sirocco the dawn: can add a massive amount of attac points to a monster of my chosing depending on how many blackwings are on field
blackwing-shura the blue flame: a good beater with a great effect to allow for quick
synchro summoning or setting my field up for a big play.
blackwing-bora the spear: another beater with a pierceing effect. Works well with certain xyz plays or sirocco play
blackwing-zephyros the elite: can help with performing crazy combo. Is great for returning cards you can use next turn if anything your doing now goes bad.
blackwing-kalut the moon shadow: basically a mini honest that can still help alot in certain situations
blackwing-blizzard the far north: helps alot to do xyz plays and to do synchro summons
blackwing-gale the whirlwind:this cards effect can take down cards with 2500 or less attack and can help with certain shura plays
blackwing-breeze th zephyr: not much to say since i hardly use him except for first turn armor master plays
blackwing-vayu the emblem of honor:can help get out a synchro while in grave
and can clear my grave for a DaD play
DaD(dark armed dragon): a good card to use to clear your oppenants field if ou fear the backrow or just want to get rid of a marshmallon on field


allure of darkness: can help for added draw power if you have a crappy hand
foolish burial: thiscard greatly helps any zephroys or vayu plays
black whirlwind: a card to add blackwings can open up a way to defend your monster next turn or to end a duel right there
pot of avarice: your graveyard has everything you need why not just pop out a pot of avarice and add back the cards you need and proceed to keep playing
pot of duality: it is a ris sicne you cant ss but it can help you set up for any plays next turn or to defend yourself with a added trap
mst: to help get rid of a set backrow
forbidden lance: can protect my monster from a dark hole troenttial tribute, mirror force, or to completely ruin oppenants card so it ends up as a sucicide


solemn judgment and warning: great for preventing any dumb monsters you dont want on field ever hitting the ground
icarus attack: you just set 2 cards bam tribute either my vayu or bor and there gone
mirror force: great way to punish over extenders
bottomless: the ultimate troll card for making sure your oppenant wasted there normal summons


royal decree: face a heavy backrow user i use this to no longer fear any bs happening
veiler: stops your oppenants maisn mnsters card effects


blackwing-armor master: my decks main boss card. Is a great defenisve and offensive card
blackwing-armed wing: nice def you have i cant get past it now you take damage for it
gaia the force of earth: a great card to use against fiendish chain and is a good beater
catastor: ever face a card thats a pain to get rid of well how about summoning this bad boy to get rid of it and continue with your plays
stardust: a wonderfull effect of stopping mirror force and all those other annoying cards that will ruin you
black-winged dragon: a very underestiamted card ik its effect isnt much but try using it agaisnt a burn deck its effect really shines in tht type of feild of competeing ruining that one decks advantage and back fireing it onto that person
scrap dragon: i use this card to get rid of anything ik that will mess me up later on in the game
red dragon archfiend: a good card to use jsut for attack power or to destroy a zenmain
utopia: if your oppenant loves to spam the field for a otk i use this card to stop a few attack so i can live through this game
utopia ray: whenever i need that extra boost ray can help in a field advantage
diagusto emeral: kinda like a mini pot of avrice but if can gravely affect the game in your vavor
meastroke: i use thiscard as mainly as a def agaisnt card liek garunix etc
gagaga cowboy: the double effect helps alot in 1: to finish off that last bit of lp your oppenant has 2:to help get rid of a card you need off the field

now i've sorted out my deck

shura,bora,armor master,armed wing

DaD, sirocco,vayu,blizzard,kalut,zephroys,gale,breeze,lance,allure,whirlwind
foolish,avarice,duality,icarus, gaia,scrap,star,black-winged, red dragon, meastroke, utopia,cowboy, dia, catastor, ray

i hope i did it correctly Very Happy

Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! T67RHKd
Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! Slayer_s_banner_by_dshredder-d6bvkd0

Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max! Tled_1_copy_by_scorpionking234-d6rckz0

Darkened gales, become the wings that soar from resolved hope! Synchro Summon! Soar, "Black-winged Dragon"
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Slifer Lesson 3 : Synergy to the max!

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