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 a beautiful night turns out bad part 1

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PostSubject: a beautiful night turns out bad part 1   Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:02 am

Ivy and her two best friends name Brandon and Emily at Ivy house laying down on the grass chilling looking at the stars.

"Its so pretty out tonight.",said Ivy

"Yup,wish we could stay here forever.never stop enjoying this night.",replies Emily

"Same wish too.",says Brandon

Hey do you guys hear really scary sound right now?" asks Brandon

"No I didn't.", said Ivy

"Me either.",replies Emily

Brandon hears a scary sound again

The noise is coming from a ghost

The ghost does evil laugh again and plays music

"I swear I hear scary loud sound.", says Brandon

"Stop trying to scare us.",said Ivy

"Yeah don't ruin the night.",replies Emily.

"I swear I do. i'm not missing with you best pals.",says Brandon

"Yeah sure.", said Emily

The ghost says hahahaha and does evil laugh again

Ivy hears the noise now and so does Emily

"No way it cant be a ghost.",replies Ivy

The ghost goes up to them and says boo

Ivy, Brandon,and Emily shocked.

to be continued...

Hope you guys like my story Smile

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a beautiful night turns out bad part 1

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