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 Notice: Upcoming RP News and Start Date

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PostSubject: Notice: Upcoming RP News and Start Date   Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:13 pm

OK so, I'd just like to clarify the idea behind this RP a bit. And I am of course referring to the upcoming Skull Katana quest. Ideally, I'd like AS MANY PEOPLE to sign up as possible. This RP is meant to be very lax, easy to join and participate in. The story will be engaging, and the reason for the "Secrecy" behind it all so far is that I want to explain that to you IN STORY. I'd just like to say now, if you haven't made a character already, please do so. If you don't that's fine but your participation would be appreciated, and this will be an "Official" RP.

So, clarification on what your getting into. Basically, the skull katana quest will be a series of "GM" moderated puzzles, riddles, mazes and other such text based mysteries. TO explain, you type that you walk through a forest. At which time myself, or Hero, the other GM, will appear before you in SOME form. Perhaps as our characters, or perhaps just as an NPC and give you some sort of "Clue" Maybe an item that you then have to work to figure out its purpose. maybe a riddle, to which if you answer correctly your rewarded. Many different things.

After playing with these ideas a bit, and wandering through a forest. Your ultimate goal is to find, or otherwise come in contact with "The Skull Katanas" which are weapons of unrivaled godly power. Your goal for wanting such items could range from personal benefit, to keeping such power out of the hands of more devious players.

By having you guys participate in this. I want to express how RP can change, with each persons additional text. How with every plays new post, things can alter drastically. And how much story can be created by what seems like chaos.

Now, for a release date. Today is Friday, 4/11/14. I will be officially starting the RP. One week from today. So next Friday. If you have not made a character by then, don't worry. I'm going to allow people to "Jump into" this RP by making characters AFTER the rest of us are already playing. However, you WILL not have as good a chance at "Winning" the RP if you choose this route. Not to say you can't, just know your odds will suffer.

Finally, I'd like to ask hero, or any other "Admin" to please make a section. Up there with all the other official RPS like AMA and Hunger Games, for "The Quest For the Skull Katanas" or something along those likes. SO make it a sub section if you would. Thanks. And see you guys in 1 week. Wink


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PostSubject: Re: Notice: Upcoming RP News and Start Date   Fri Apr 11, 2014 3:42 pm

Sure, I'll add it right away.

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Notice: Upcoming RP News and Start Date

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