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 New Cards: Fire and Ice hand.

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PostSubject: New Cards: Fire and Ice hand.    Thu Apr 10, 2014 8:10 pm


So apparently 2014 is the year for Konami to be like "Lets just YOLO break the game k? K."

What with all the pendulum summoning and these new cards that have ridiculous effects I see some serious changes happening to the ban list next go around. But maybe not. Perhaps Konami just has some grand plan to change the "Pace" of the game once again. Personally, I like all these new cards, rules, and alterations. If the game evolves, in my opinion that would be really cool. If not, and these cards eventually just become gimmicks, or more or less mundane. Ok that's fine to.

But it does seem the folks over at Kiba Corp-er, Konami, are gearing up for something. Wink

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New Cards: Fire and Ice hand.

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