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 Mono mermail

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The RealDeal


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PostSubject: Mono mermail   Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:12 am

Yup, thought I would dust of the ol mono mermail deck and give it a revamp.

Monsters: 29
1x Tidal
1x Leed
2x Megalo
3x Teus
3x Gunde
3x Linde
3x Pike
1x Turge
1x Fishborg Archer
1x Diva
1x Atlantean Dragoons
2x Atlantean Heavy Infantry
3x Atlantean Marksman
2x Aqua Spirit
2x Effect Veiler

Spells: 4
3x MST
1x Book of moon

Traps: 9
3x sphere
1x bottomles
1x torrential
1x warning
1x compulse

Side/ still testing and all the other goodies: 15
2x Maxx C
2x DD crow
2x xyz encore
2x Zombie world
2x gozen match
2x dna surgery
3x Debunk

1x catastor
1x Armades
1x dewloren
1x gungnir
1x brd
2x gaios
1x big eye
1x dracossack
1x bahamut shark
1x abyss dweller
1x cowboy
1x trite
1x leviathan Dragon
1x Armoured Kappa

Well, there it is, let me know what you guys think.

Superion Maximus owes me cookies!
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Mono mermail

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