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 Example Rules For T-1(Combat Oriented)

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PostSubject: Example Rules For T-1(Combat Oriented)   Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:44 am

Who Needs Rules?

There was once a time, known as "The Golden Age of RP!" Back then, roughly 10 years ago. Online Textual based RP was still in it's early stages. None of us knew what to do, and we experimented with the Script and Story styles a bit interchangeably. As for rules, none existed. It was ALL purely respect. People teleported, turned themselves into all might omnipotent Deities in the middle of matches, and summoned cosmic powers to force each other into submission. TO be honest? It was a GRAND ol' time. I'm proud to say I was a part of it. None the less, as more and more people got interested in RP. And, as certain individuals became "Way to OP," some sort of system had to be implemented. Teleporting was deemed illegal, and turning yourself into a God, or having God like powers was deemed "Godmod" and considered a bannable offense.

Basically, we needed rules, otherwise people would simply become crazy egotistical beings of pure, unadulterated raw power who could not be defeated by conventional or unconventional means.


So Let's See These Rules Then Shall We?

Well first of all. You need to know the basics. As explaining those would literally take me an entire day to write, and is far more than I need to type out. Let me link you to something that's already been listed in my previous lessons.

Reading that will cover the basics of how things work. However, we cannot simply ASSUME everyone knows these rules. And thus, normally each RP has its own set of rules. MOST of these reference the general rules, literally. Then go on to elaborate, or made slight alterations to the rules per how the players want that specific RP to be set up.

I will share my own list of combat rules I always insist people agree to when doing combat. I've comprised these rules out of what I believe to be both fair, and sensible in my 10 year experience in the field. (field of RP) Anyway, here they are, use them as an example for your own RP fights, or simply copy paste the list and be on your way. ^.^ I don't mind.

1. Respect is required no matter the situation. Failure to comply will result in game termination.
2. Complaints, situations, disagreements will be discussed accordingly between players.
3. Each participant holds the right to ask a third-party to review the role-play.
4. Mutual standards are applied to concepts such as god-mod[0 toleration] and close-ended actions.
General Standards –
5. No attacking on the first post. EVER.
6. NPC's 0 count are allowed as logical consistencies.
7. Turn-based, online-para; 7-day turn limitation enabled.
8. Fantasy - Unlocked.
9. Mock Death Match
10. You have a limit of 2 attack actions per post. Transformations take half of that, and any actions left over can be carried over to your next post.
11. No Numerical Speeds nor Teleportations [Counts as God mod].
12. Both Characters indeed have a choice know each other.
13. Final Call on who has won will be made by players, and if need be an acceptable judge.
14. Say I accept if you understand these rules.


Woah Those Rules Are Over My Head!

Don't worry if they seem complicated. For one, make SURE you understand the basics of RP as listed in the link I provided. However, in the following link I'll provide an extensive break down of what each individual rule means. ^.^

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Example Rules For T-1(Combat Oriented)

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