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 BGO marriage event!

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PostSubject: BGO marriage event!   Sun Mar 02, 2014 2:19 pm

This is a one shot. Just for lols.

One day on ODA, Muh asked me if i coulda join a game of BGO teams during Valentine's day. I agreed since i wasn't doing jack shit at that moment. We entered, it started. All good and dandy. But Muh had connection problems so he didn't play a single dice and let me be on my own voyage. But then it happened. A nice other team asked me, if I want to join their team, cuz my teammate abandoned me. I agreed and so we were practically a team. Almost at the end of the game, a weird thing happened. A very strange thing. Well, i rolled my dices, used Leap and chose a new song on jukebox. But then that already mentioned weird thing happened. I entered an unknow shop, full of wedding rings! I said to myself: "wtf". And so did most other people on chat. There were 3 rings to choose from: Bronze, gold and diamond ring. I had enough money for gold, so i bought it. During the next turn, i used my ring and proposed to my teammate. Since it was a golden ring, girls can't reject it. So I got married Very Happy! There were several turns of prosperity and our alliance was so close to winning. But then that happened. Diss card: Death. They killed my spouse and almost won, but my other teammate finished the game soon enough. So I was sad, but victorious. I suddenly gained an achievement, when my spouse died, and got her money. I was rich ;D! Then I got drunk and died rich. THE END!

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BGO marriage event!

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