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 T-1 Role Play Basics

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PostSubject: T-1 Role Play Basics   Fri Feb 28, 2014 6:50 am

What Does T-1 Mean?

T-1 means Type 1. In this case, Type 1, turn-based texture role play. As we know from previous lessons, role play implies taking on the role of a specific character. When speaking about Type 1 we mean to imply that the role play will be "Para" or paragraph format or larger. Though, when writing more than a paragraph, specifically 3 or more paragraph we usually refer to this as "Novella," though it is still considered type one in essence. The main difference between T-1 and other type of online texture RP is the length of posts, and the system of combat. there is no "Point" system in T-1. And the length of posts is as previously stated, a minimum of a paragraph, or 3 sentences at least.


So How Does It Work?

Texture RP is much different than table top. There are no dice to decide if your hit landed, and often times no point system to decide the amount of "HP" you have left or the impact of your attacks. Instead T-1 is based on a system of respect. Each player simply tries to follow a logical course of action and out wit the other. It is often the case that this style comes down to creativity, quality of writing, and reputation. However, if you do not like these ideas, then T-1 is not for you. Each player holds full, and complete control over their character, and in no way is any other person ever supposed to be allowed to control, or regulate their actions. This can lead to the confusion that T-1 seems very elitist but in reality its all about the first move and the set up. When doing story, T-1 is great, and easy to understand. You move your character and do with them what you wish, always. When in combat. Follow this rule. The first person to land a hit, based on manipulation of the opponents actions into such a way that they cannot logical block/evade/deflect your next attack. Wins. Meaning if you hit, you win, if you get hit, you lose. Generally speaking, that is the case in any T-1 fight. Again, having respect for each other is a MUST in T-1.


What Makes T-1 Worth While?

Often is the case the T-1 Role Player is a journalist trapped in a teens body. It is someone who enjoys writing for the sake of writing. Someone who wishes simply to test out their creative writing skills more than they wish to win some RP game. Benefits include huge story lines and extensive detail to actions and player interaction as well as scenery. Your very free in what you are allowed to do as well. So long as you don't let huge walls of text intimidate you, and like wise so long as you don't end up in an RP with a jerk. T-1 can be a wonderful, mind opening experience and is generally considered the most popular form of Online Texture RP.


Conclusion and Links

If you still have questions about T-1, there's always my Q&A section. Beyond that I suggest you simply engage in an RP with someone, and try your hand at writing. Reading also helps, just because someone wrote 200 or more words doesn't mean you shouldn't give 2 minutes of your time to read it. Most of the time even multi paragraphs end up being less than a page would be in a book. So get out there and RP!

Here are some links that might prove helpful in learning more about T-1

This is a great in depth look at RP today. Its one of the best sites I've seen and explains basically everything you need to know in a relatively short amount of time. Enjoy.

And the above of course is my own Q&A section. IF i missed something, feel free to stop by and ill try and answer any questions you may still have Very Happy

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T-1 Role Play Basics

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