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 The Journal of Nottu the Evoker

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PostSubject: The Journal of Nottu the Evoker   Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:39 pm

Nottu is a half-elf mage, raised in an orphanage until he was nineteen years of age. He is a skilled and practiced spellcaster with a real love of adventuring and heroism. He originally worshipped the All-Father, Odin but recent events have changed that.

These few journal entries are his origins and how he first came to be an adventurer.
Entry One
Today I celebrate my nineteenth birthday, but there will be no festivities today. The kind owner of the orphanage where I grew up has passed in his sleep. Thomas was the closet I ever had to a father, and now he's gone. The city council has voted to close the orphanage now that he has passed away, meaning I must either settle down in this small town, or seek my own destiny elsewhere. Thomas always told me I had vast potential, perhaps a journey of self-discovery is just what I need. A chance to venture out on my own and maybe even find my birth parents. I'm an elf, so they must still be alive still. If I can find them, I might finally understand why they left me behind. Was it deliberate? Did they lose me? No, if they had lost me on a trip, they would have backtracked and looked for me. How many young elven boys have this very vivid auburn hair anyway?
The nearest elf settlement to here is just a few days travel from here, on the west side of the continent. I've already packed for the trip, though its not much. I feel a bedroll, journal, trail rations, a water-skin, a twenty-five foot rope and a walking stick isn't sufficient, but I can't afford anything else.

Entry Two
I passed a caravan today, they were kind enough to offer me transport to the next town. Tomorrow, we should arrive by midday. No one among these peddlers knew anything about the elf village I'm looking for though. Still, they're nice enough. The driver's daughter, Lynda, is so far the only acquaintance I might call a friend out of all of them. She's very sweet and really attractive, but I don't really think I could even try with her. Best not to pursue something like that.

Entry Three
The kindly caravan and I have parted ways. However, earlier tonight I was attacked by a gang of scaly creatures apparently known as goblins. During the skirmish, I was cut. Deep on my left bicep. Anger swelled up inside me and I let loose a blast of flames, startling the goblins and giving me time to escape. I know a thing or two about magic, and this was definitely a display of magic. Who would've thought I had magical powers? I need to learn how to use it, to control it. Perhaps someone back in Ristop can help.
Entry Four
A stroke of luck! The townsfolk tell me there is a wizard just north of here. An elder named Artemis. He may be just who I need to get a good grasp on my new found magics. I head to his tower tomorrow morning.

Entry Five
Well, Master Artemis took some convincing, but I begin my tutoring tomorrow. This tower looks decrepit on the outside, yet the interior is much nicer. It has a few basement levels, rather than upper floors.
Entry Six
I've been studying under Master Artemis for nearly six months now. So far I've gained a good knowledge of magical basics, like the schools of magic, the difference in divine and arcane, and so forth. I even learned today that I'm only a half-elf, not a full. Meaning I only have one birth parent alive still. Is it my mother? Or my father? Master Artemis tells me I show great promise to be a great mage one day.

Entry Seven
I had forgotten where this old journal was. If Master Artemis hadn't "dismissed" me this morning, I might never have found it. Ten years of study and training, and I unfortunately made a huge mistake, causing a huge explosion in his tower. So I've been released from his mentor-ship, but luckily I've mastered a few spells. Now I have joined with a group of travelers who are en route to a town up north known as Tsavo. I have my own mission, but perhaps travelling with this group will prove fruitful, and safer. Afterall, I'm not much on my own yet.  

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The Journal of Nottu the Evoker

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