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PostSubject: Gravekeeper's    Sun Feb 02, 2014 4:24 pm

After dueling this 60 card noob who had a terribad Gravekeeper deck, I thought about how much this deck is used. Honestly, I have only seen 2 so far on DN Very Happy . So I made a better GK deck than that noob guys. And so far 90% of duels i have dueled have ended in Rage quits. Like seriously, One time I got an OP hand and he just said "I win" gained 11000 lifepoints and left.

Turns out EVERYONE, hates Gravekeepers. The second Necrovalley shows up, everything starts going wrong for the opponent. They literally waste all their cards just to get rid of the thing. And don't even get me started when Heretic and Hidden Tombs of Necrovalley show up.

I have a minor problem. The deck works pretty well, but is missing some things. This is an old screenshot, I took out 1 Gravekeeper's Shaman and 1 of the Counter traps (Forgot the name) for 2 Duality's. I also have Ambusher who I really don't use. I thought about taking him out, but then I thought "What happens if I lose all my Necrovalley's ?".

Anyway Here is the pic:

Any suggestions please leave them.

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