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 2014 Challenge

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PostSubject: 2014 Challenge   Sat Jan 04, 2014 12:23 pm

So it's a brand new year. A new ending having passed us by, has opened up the door to a new beginning as well. However, is that really true? What really sets this new year apart eh? Opportunities present themselves each and every day, on most occasions however we pass them up, and disregard them with the intent of pursuing them, "Tomorrow." Well folks, tomorrow will never come, I'm sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe your over weight and resolute on making tomorrow the day you get back in shape. Or perhaps your tomorrow holds the day you'll finally get back into practicing that rusty skill or trade of yours. Let me tell you from experience. If you continue to wait till tomorrow to do it, your going to wake up, and find your trade has vanished, your obesity has become much to grand to handle with simple exercise, and any other dreams you hoped to pursue, will remain just that. Dreams. Fantasy. Fiction.

So here's a challenge from yours truly. I don't care about whatever New Year's resolutions you've made. To be frank, I doubt you or I either one will stick by those rule(s). Because it's easy push your OWN deadline back. To reschedule your own schedule. It's only when your put on someone else clock that the race really begins, no? So here it is.

You have exactly 6 months from today. That's July 4th. Easy date to remember for most of you I presume. I, Vent, am challenging you to do just 1 thing you've never done before. Honestly I don't care what it is. Perhaps you go sky diving, perhaps you learn to ride a horse. It can be something lasting, a skill or talent you learn. Or something fleeting like watching some old classic movie you've never sat down and taken the time to enjoy.

I know this seems simple. Hell, it really is. You could technically just look up some random word you've never used before, and drop it in some random sentence mid day. But where's the fun in that? Challenge yourselves guys, enjoy this! Get out and do something you WANT to do. Don't make 2014 the year of tomorrow, but rather the year of today. Do something new, something grand. Explore this world because there's just simply so much out there.

I'd love it if those who partake in the challenge list their goals and progress. Again, it can be mundane or complicated, that's entirely up to you. As for myself I'm not sure yet, this idea LITERALLY just hit me. I thought i'd share it with you guys. I'm thinking maybe road trip and see as many states as I can in a week perhaps, or backpacking in the same regard Very Happy bot sure yet but i'll post an update once I am. For now hope to hear from you guys. Oh and one last thing.

This is less about personal resolutions, but rather me issuing you guys resolutions, so a bit backwards from how things normally work I believe. Remember you only have 6 months, take care, good luck, happy 2014; and of course.

~Ja mata

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PostSubject: Re: 2014 Challenge   Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:11 am

Challenge Accepted~
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2014 Challenge

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