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 Shooting quasar dragon deck

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Shooting quasar dragon deck Empty
PostSubject: Shooting quasar dragon deck   Shooting quasar dragon deck EmptySat Dec 28, 2013 5:46 am

Shooting quasar dragon deck LzsRd9B

Well this is my shooting quasar dragon build. It hasnt been doing well I have been getting a bunch of dead draws. I really must have the worst luck cause I drew into 2 quickdraw synchrons, 3 junk synchrons and 1 solemn warning. It has been a mess but I saw a few videos on youtube where people are able to summon double to triple quasar out and thats what I kinda wish I could do here with this deck. Please give me some constructive criticism.

First turn 3 quasar dragons

First turn 2 quasar dragons

Shooting quasar dragon deck Mitche10
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Shooting quasar dragon deck

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