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 Dark Smile Test Results

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PostSubject: Dark Smile Test Results   Sat Sep 07, 2013 8:09 pm

Match : Blaster Jurrac - Fire King
Not the sorta stuff you're waiting for, since it's being overused these days. Especially with a little slower deck like Jurracs, all you can do is look and just nod.

Match Results: 15/15
2-0 win. Didn't get combo's, he got everything he would wish for.

Ruling Knowledge: 8/20

Can Deep Sea Diva miss timing?
- Doesn't know what missing timing is. Wrong.

What Spell Speed is Mystical Space Typhoon?
- Quick-Play. Wrong.

Can Rai-Oh negate the Summon of Elemental HERO The Shining which is Summoned by Miracle Fusion?
- Yes. Wrong.

You activate the effect of Wind-Up Rat, and your opponent chains with Effect Veiler. Do you still get to search for Wind-Up Factory?
- Yes. Correct.

I attack with Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, and my opponent uses Mirror Force. I chain with De-Fusion, and summon my 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons in Atk Mode. Then attack with my 3 Blue-Eyes White Dragons. Is this correct?
- No. Correct.

Attitude: 2/2
Wasn't talking much, aside from, personally disliking deck choice, can't tear down anything.

Duel Control: 8/10

Fair control. Always had his outs, and never suffered too much from my plays. Then again. Which plays.

Use of Cards: 18/20

Used his cards as they should be used. Went well, and can't say he made mistakes.

Deck Consistency: 18/20

Runs good. Can't say he runs anything that's wrong.

Concentration: 3/3

Paid full attention, never missed something.

Side Deck: 1/15

Just sided a Thunder King Rai-Oh, nothing more.

Deck Originality: 1/5

Just the casual Fire King deck you see everywhere. Just blow it up. Hit. Blow up. Hit some more. The same old shyte we're used to from Fire King.

Total points: 64/110 

Slifer Red = 0-70

Ra Yellow = 71 - 95

Obelisk Blue = 96 - 110

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Smile Test Results   Sun Sep 08, 2013 5:02 am

Smile you can still achiefve higher dorm! Very Happy.

 Meet My pet..... The Galaxy - Eyes Tachyon Dragon!!!.

 The Galaxy - Eyes User, Misael The Dragon Tamer!!!.

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Dark Smile Test Results

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