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 Fluffy's Ra Yellow HW

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PostSubject: Fluffy's Ra Yellow HW   Mon May 13, 2013 6:56 pm

Just saying, Macro rabbit is definitely NOT tier 2, it is easily tier 1
due to the versatility it has and how it can get over top tier deck like
Merlanteans, Dark Worlds and Elemental Dragons due to the fact that
Macro stops basically all the cards in those 2 decks because they
activate in the grave.

basic run of a Macro rabbit deck is trap heavy and some cards that
aren't affected by Macro for example Rescue Rabbit and Card car D. The
deck is to basically stop anything from coming back while you have cards
that can get around cards like Skill Drain. Running 3 Guaiba's is good
because it's a pretty strong level 4 monster. And if it destroys a
monster, it summons another Guaiba, basically giving you a free Xyz
summon into Dolkka or Laggia. Card car D is good because it activates
even when it's banished since its effect doesn't specify where it needs
to go. So just in case you draw your vanilla's, Card Car allows a free
+2. Rai-oh is a great card in my opinion. 1900ATK, not many things are
going to get around that. It stops so many searching cards, examples are
E Hero Stratos, Spellbook of Secrets, and just basically anything that
searches. Tour Guide is a no brainer. Free level 3 summon from the
deck/hand and an Xyz into Zenmaines for a great Defense. The spells for
this deck is a pretty basic build for any macro deck. As well as the
traps. Macro is an amazing card because unlike Dimensional Fissure,
Macro banishes EVERYTHING, even Xyz materials. Skill drain is good as
well since Rabbit isn't affected by it since it banishes itself at a
cost. And the extra backrow just in case you don't draw Macro right
away. D Prison, T.T and Chain are always helpful.

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Fluffy's Ra Yellow HW

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